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Paper For Cigarette Making

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"There are three kinds of paper used in making cigaretles.1 explained a manufacturer of tLiese articli's 'Tbey are made from cotton and luien rags and from rice straw Cottun papet is made chiefly tn Trieste. Austria a:n) the liuen and rice paper in Paris The Brst, inanufactured from the 6!thy scrapings of ragpickers, is bought in targé qiiautitles by the manu facturera who turn it into pulp and sub ject it to a bleaclnng process to make it presentable The linie and olher substances used in bleaching have a very hannful influente upuu the membrane of the ttiroat and uose Cotten paper is so cheap that a thousand cigarettes can be wrapped at a cost of ouly two cents. Rice paper is rat her expeusive "Tobacconized paper is manufactured. It is a common paper saturated witb tobacco in such a way as to imítate the veins of the tobáceo leaf very ueatly It is used in inakiug all tobáceo eigarettes. Arsenical preparations are also used in bleachiug cigarette papers and oil of creosote is produced naturally as a consequence of combustisn This is very injurious to the throat aud luugs. and is said to accelerate the development of consumption In any one predisposed to the disease. "- New Vork Mail and Express.


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