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The Dundee gas well is about to conimence work. Xo one shouldfail to see Prof . Bartholomew's educated horses. A new stone walk is bein laid in front of Southards's barber shop. Last Tuesday Wm. Taylorpaid S5.30 costs for carryiag concealed weapons. Ed. G. Hoas, of Chelsea, has a new niue and a half pouud sirl at his house. The St. George's society of this city, hold a picnic at Whitmore lake, Tuesday. Jacob ü'ischer, of I'ittsfleld,diedAug. 13. The funeral was held Wednesday at 3:30 o'clock . A new gutter was laid this week in front of the Presbyterian church and Dr. Herdman's residence. Michael Connelly, arrested for larceny, plead guilty Ag. llth and was sent to jail for sixty days. Miss Clara Hangsterfer, of this city, and Wm. ,7. Luycks, of Detroit, will be married here next Wednesday. A new walk has been laid a block's ength on the west side of South Thayer street, fiom Washington to Huron. Wm. Ix'imps was arrested Aug. 11 'or assault and battery. Upon paying one dollar and costs, he was discharged. Ollie Turner and Sarah E. Lane, noticed last week, paid costs and signed a paper agreeing to behave themselves. üeserved increases of pension have jeengranted to W. K. Childs, Jerome Minnis and Thos. Ü"2siel, all of this ciU. Two extra Windows have been made n the postoffice, where may be seen the smiling couutenances of the new carriers. The six new State street stores will )e ready f or occupancy bySeptember lst. They are to be known as the University block. Compauy A have their fourteenth annual railroad and steamboat excursión o Detroit and Lake Erie, ou ïhursday, Aug. 23. The Akgus has adüed forty-eight new subscribers to lts list within the past week. lts growth in circuiation ïas been steady. B. J. Conard is adding a tower to his ïouse on Ingalls street. His friends say that it is intended tor a Fisk and irook's banner. The two houses on Orleans street, )uilt this summer by Mrs. M. A. Lukins, will be occupied by l'rofs. linsdale and Gayley. Charles Rose, of Fittsfleld, had a horse die last Fnday, which had been on his place for 26 years, he having raised it trom a colt. The board of directora of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance Company met in the ofiice of the secretary yesterday to adjust recent losses. The item that bas been going arouud n the papers that 1) . Cramer is going to move to ilastings is a mistake. He may estabhsh an office there. The St. Andrew:s Suuday school piciic, which was to have been held at Delhi, VVednesday, was postpoued on account of the ihreatening weather. üur popular f urniture dealer, Martin Halier, has sold a large bill of goods to be sent to Dakota and has reeeived an order for new fuiniture trom the A. O. U. VV . Dr. ïtamsay will preach in the M. E. church Suuday morning on " To be or not to be,:' and in the eveuing on JJanel's Mission to the .Nineteenth Uentury." A novelty in sign paintiug was noticed ,his week. A few of our business flrms have their names chiseled and painted red in the stone waiks in front of their stores. It is the chance of a hfe time to witness the performances of twenty-four educated iiorses. They w.ll give eight performances, at the opera house, bezinning next Monday. Herbert, sou of John and Francés Brown, of the öth ward, died yesteiday of cholera infantum, aged 9 months. The services will be held f rom the house this afteruoon at 4 o'clock. C. VV . Wagner and wife leave to-mor' row for the east on a pleasure and business trip. Mr. Wagner will spend a couple of weeks in New York City getting the latest pointers on cutting. That large portrait of Jas. M. Staf. fordbyl. M. Long & Co., in Bliss & Son's window this week, shows that Stafford s a haudsome man and that the artists are first class in their line. The T. aud A. A. give an excursión next Sunday, Aug. 19. to Whitmore Lake. Fifty cents for the round trip. Train will leave depot at 1 p., m. city tijae, and returning.leave the lake at 8:30 p. m. Heinzmann & Laubengayer having completed their elevator are now prepared to handle all kinds of grain and seed. Tuey make a specialty of barleyandrye. Office No. 9 W. Washington street. i'hebe Ann, infant daughter of J. K and Ettie Koberts, Ann Arbor ship, died last Friday, aged 6 weeks. The f uueial services were held Saturdav and the remains mterred in Forest ilill cemetew. J. J. Quarry, of this city, and Jas. Goodspeed, of ï'üsilanti, returned froni i three weeks" pleasure trip last Monclay, having visited ïïew York, Washington, Fhiladelphia, Fittsburg and other eastern cities. There will be a meeting of the departmentment superintendents and managers of the Washtenaw County Agricultural and Ilorticultural Society in their room in the court house, Monday, August 20 at2p. m. By the cali issued by Chairman Schub, published in another column, it will be seen that the democratie county convention meets in this city on Sept. 5th. One hundred and twenty-one delegates will be entitled to seats. On Thursday the T. A. A. & N. M. will sell tickets over the C. H. & D. to Cincinnatti and return for one and one-third f are. Good for five days. Those intending to visit the Exposition should bear this in mind. A writ of habeas corpus was filed Tuesday demandmg the release of Arthur Crump, of Ann Arbor, from the Detroit house of correction. He was sent here for carrying concealed weapons, illegally convicted as the writ says. - EveningNews. John E. Flynn, T. E. Keating, B. O'Mara, H. Jenkins, W. L. Denman, George A. Feters, Archie McNichol, and James M. Forsythe were appointed to represent this county in the Union Labor State Convention held in Detroit, Wednesday. The Ann Arbor Browns went over and played the Milans a game of base ball Saturday, but were defeated by the score of 11 to 3. It may be said in explanation that Lewis and Booth, Ann Arbor's crack players, bekng to the Milan team this season . A special meeting of the Fomological society will be held Saturday, August 18, at4p. m. sharp. All who intend to ship peaches and other fruit in the car to be fitted up for that purpose should attend promptly. E. Batjr, Secy. Last Tuesday, white Chris. Fritz was threshing at Jacob Iteath's, near Delhi Mills, a flre took hold of some wheat stack8, of which about 400 bushels were burned, and also some oats. A separator belonging to Michael Staebler, ot this city, was also destroyed. H . V. Newkirk, who has been doing good local work on the Register for a short time, has left that paper to take charge of the Luther (Lake county) Enterprise. Mr. Newkirk has made many friends during his stay here who will very much regret his departure. The township of Northfield has commenced suit in the circuit court against Edward Lavender, of Whitmore Lake, for fencing in part of the highway running oii the north side of the lake. Lavender denies the existence of the highway wheie the encroachment is claimed. Not only will the new State street stores be a decided impiovement in their geueral appearance but there is one feature which deserves special mention. In John V. Sheehan & Co's store building there will be the largest plate glass in the state, being löfeet, öi inches by 15 f eet 6 inches. The cbairmen of the democratie town committees should send notice of their township caucuses to the Akgus. They aie published free of charge. As the j Argus circulatiou isj general in all the townships of the county, this makes it a good medium to give notice of the caucus in all parts of the townships. The Ann Arbor lodge Na. 30. I. O. G. T. has elected the folio win g offleers for the ensuing quarter: C. T., Chas. Conrath; V. T., Eva Fneze ; S. J. T., MaryTheurer; R. S., Will Salyer : F. S.,W. J.Greene ; T.,Alvin Wilsey ; M., E. E. Hallett ; D. M., Mrs. L. Bowdish; I.G., Ella Salyer; O. G., H. R. Crozier. Hon. Chas. R. VVhitman has been invited to speak on the issues of the campaign at White Figeon at as early a date as possible. He has also accepted au invitation to speak at a pole raising and evening meeting at Dundee the 25th inst. It is unnecessary to add that ! good democratie doctrine will be heard on both occasions. Last Monday tbe Sons of St. George. an organization strictly English (only Englishmen, their sons, and grandsons being admitted as members), went to Whitmore. There were about fifty in the picnic and they enjoyed themselves in the usual way boating, flshing, etc, but the event of the day was an oldfashioned cricket match. Florence, the 16 months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Snow, of Kansas City, died at Wayne last Wednesday. Mrs. Snow and child had been visiting here with the f amily of her f ather-in-law, Gil Snow, and were returning home, stopping on the way to visit an old asquaintance at Wayne, when the child's death occurred. The burial services were held in this city yesterday. An item appeared in our columns last week stating that a cali had been extended to Rev. Mr. Marión, of Grand Rapids, to the Congregational church in this city. While we received our information from good authority, yet we are requested to state that the item erred, and, while several names hate been under consuleiation, no óall has been made and the pastorate is yet vacant. A Japanese by the name of Migumatsa, who with flve others, came here last June, has been quite sick for about four weeks. He had been tutering to three instructora, and his sickness was caused by excessive study, seriously affecting hismind. He refused to eat and thought that people wanted to kill him. He has been improving somewhat this week, however, and the doctors now havehopes of his recoverv. Miss Louisa Shadford was married Wednesday evening at the home of her mother in this city to George Ñ'. Beckler, who is with the Wakeüeld Rattan Company, of Chicago, 111. The wedding was a very quiet but pleasant affair, about twenty-five friends witnessing the ceremony which was performed by Rev. Dr. Ramsay. Mr. and Mrs. Beckler left on the evening train for Detroit f rom whence theygo to theirnew home in South Englewood. III. The programme for the tenth annual picnic of the farmers of Washtenaw, Wayne, Oakland and Livingston counties at Whitmore Lake to-monow is as follows: Prayerby Rev. J.B. Sunderland, Ann Arbor; ana addresses by C. M. Wood, of Anderson; Hon. Edwin Willetts, Lansing; Rev. C. H. Adams, Ann Arbor; a paper by Mrs. W. K. Sexton, of Howell, and impromptu speaking. Business meeting and election of officers at 10:30 Dinner in the grove at 1] :30. Exercises at one o'clockl'robably one of the most convenïent houses in the city will be that which A. M. Clark, fonnerly of Saline, has been erecting on División street, next to the corner of Jefferson. It is a large and handsome two-story frame structare. Besides the commodious part to be occupied bj Mr. Clark's family, there will be several handsome suites. Hot and cold water runs into all the bed rooms . There are two f olding beds, originated by Mr. Clark himself, which, by an attachment to the lower part of the walls, can behandily folded np during tbeday. It will be the flrst building in the city, with the exceptiou of the M. C. depot, to be I.eated by water.