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A Mysterious Disappearance

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A mystery lias recently become public in Tecumseh, which is causing considerable comment. Mrs. Dan Frost left home July 3 to visit fnends in Jackson, iu company with another lady, a relativa by the name of Sisson. Mrs. Frost also intended to visit friends in Ann Arbor, and left Mrs. Sisson and other friends and relations on July 9 at 9 a. m., sayiug she was going to the depot to go to Ann Arbor, siuce which notliing has been heard of or frota her, either at Ann Arbor or Jackson. She has not been at Ann Arbor at all, and her husband thiuks there has been foul play. They never had any trouble, and she always wrote promptly wlien away trom home. Mis. Frost owns a good home here, and also property in Clinton. Mr. Frost thinks she may have gone to see friends in Illinois or Michigan but he cannot understand why he receives no word from her. They have been married several years, have no (pudren and have always lived very iappily together. She owns the house ind lot on Logan Street, this village wiiérethej reside, and she has lately fallen heir to other property from an estáte in Clinton. The matter is as jn-eat a mystery to Mr. Frost as it is ;o the neighbors.


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