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Railroad Accident

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ïuesday morning, at half-past six o'clock, John Miller, Ed. Barnett and liobert Leonard, employed in S Wood & Co's yards, started to go across the tracks running into the M. O. depot to get their horses, which were in the field on the other side. ïhey were imtnediately west of the freight house and hadcrossed one track when they noticed a passenger train coming up the main track. Another tracü lay between them and the passenger, but in watching the passeuger they did nol notice an engine with oue car coming from the depot on the intervening track until they were almost in front ot 't. Leonard told the men to wait and he and Barnett stopped, but Miller thought he could get across before the eugine reached them, and went on, but was too late, th6 engine catching him on the right foot and crushing it and throwing him about ten feet. He was carried to nis home in the second ward, and the leg was amputated about six inches below the knee. Miller is a young man of about twenty years.


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