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The standing of the league unes, tncluding Tnesday's games, ia as folio wa: Per LeHMWon. Ixxit. cent. New York 80 si .9 Chicago 5S 88 .577 Detroit 47 4a .sas PhiUdelphia 47 43 .5! Boston 46 45 .505 HUsburg: 3! 4$ .458 Washington m 55 .396 Indiana polia 33 59 .357 Chioaoo, Aug. 19.- For the first time this seaaoti have the New Yorks been shut out without a run. Chicago performed the feat in yesterday's game at New York. The fielding on both sides was almost perfect, but the New Yorks acted like a lot of school girls at the bat. No less than thirteen men were left on bases, when at any one of five times a hit would have sent in oue or more runs. Pfeflfer and Ward enen made flne stops. Baldwin aud Daly handled the ball for Chicago. The league scores yesterday were: At New York- New York 0, Chicago 2; at BostonBoston 4, Detroit 3- twelve innings; at Pb i 1adelphia- Philadelphia 5, indianapolis 4; at Washington- Washington 7, Pitusburg 3. Chicago, Aug. 17.- Af ter tieing, beating and shutting out the "Giants," the Chicago olub went to Boston and met the $10,000 experts- Clarkson and Kelly- and got a bad fall. Hornung, of the Bostons, was knocked insensible by apitched ball, and taken home. Congestión of the brain is feared. The league scores yesterday were: At Boston - Boston 8, Chicago 3; at New York -New York 8, Detroit 0; at Philadelphia- Philadelpbia 1, Pittsburg 6; at Washington -Washington 3, Indianapolis 0. Chicago, Aug. 18.- The League base all games at Boston and New York were rerented yesterday by rain. The other clubs made the following scores: At Philalelphia- Philadelphia 4, Pittsburg 0; at Washington- Washington 7, Indianapolis il. The League games Saturday are giren beow. In the Boston-Chicago game the "Hub" nine got nine runs in the eighth inning. At Boston- Boston 15, Chicago 5; at New York -New York 7, Detroit 6; at Washington City- Washington 5, Indlanapolis 1 - siz innings, rain; at Pb iladelpbia- Philadelphia 1, Pittsburg 8. Chicago, Aug. 21.- In the National League the New York base beul club continúes to pile up the victories, and the wiudy city colts keep rigbt on gettisg beaten. Yesterday's scores were: At Washington - Washington 0, New York 2; at Philadelphia- Philadelphia 1, Boston 2; at Pittaburg- Pittsburg 12, Chicago 8; no game between Detroit and Indianapolis- rain. Chicago, Aug. 22.- Rain preventedall the league games yesterday except that at Indianapolis, in which the score was Indianapolis 8, Detroit 3,


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