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The Thingvalla In Port

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Boston, Aug. 17. - The steamship Thingvalla arrived at Halifax Friilay morning, adly damaged. Capt. Laiui makes the following statement: "I was in bed on the moruing of the 4th, The secoud officer relieved the flrst officer on the bridge at 4 o'clock in the raorung. About 4 :30 I was a wakened by hearng the second officer shout out : 'Port helm !' A moment later the telegraph 'bell rang to reverse engines. I jumped out of bed and rushed on deck in my night clothes. Just as I arrived on deck there was a tremendous crash. We had collided with a large steamer, and struck her amidships, ust below the mainmast. For a noment all was confusión and there were oud shrieks from the people on both ships. [ immediately ran aft ano ordered my ere w to prepare boats for launching. By the time [ had returned to the bridge we liad disen tangled ourselves from the strange sbip. I ound on the bridge the second oflicer of the vessel we had collided with. Frora him [ learned she was our sister ship, the Geiser, üapt. Moller. The Thingvalla had cut into the Geiser clean to the mate's state-room. tfy first duty was to look af ter my ship and quiet mj passengere. This I did. Uaylight was just breaking, and there was no fog, bul ït was bazy and there was a slight shower of rain. "


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