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A stone walk is being laid in front of the Central barber shop. A bicycle race between this city and Ypsilanti is on the tapis. The democratie ward caucuses will be held Monday evening, Sept. 3d. The North field democratie cauons will be held Monday, SeptembetSd. U Company A took seven 'coatíes ot excursionista to Detroit, yesterday. Morgan O'Jinen,of this city, has been elected grand guard of the C. M. B. A. Gov. Felch is making extensive improvements in his State street residence. C. D. Warner, lit '91, is managina; his father"s branch store at Bellevue, Mich., this siimmer. Kev. J. Mills Gelstou,of Pontiae, will preach in the Presbyterian church Sunday morning and evening. Robt. Scott was sent to jail for ten days, Tuesdav, by JusticePond, for be" ing druuk in a railroad car. Randall has ütted up the Windows of the store lately occupied by W. W . Douglas as show Windows. Mrs. Carne M. Stone, of this city. ïas received an original widows pension f rom the government. Ernest KrueErer has reeeived an order from New York for yhotographa of all the new depots on the M. C. road. Ed. Sanders is raakiiig extensive iinprovements in his house next to the corner of Madison and Thayer streets. Wm. Lodholz and D. VV. Kellogg made a rather large slaughter of blackbirds Saturday, killing 84 in two shots. Alfred-, the 8-year-old son of F. Schlander, who has been a great sufferer trom rheumatism, is not expected to üve. Ernest Rrueger has some fine specimens of his photoeraphic work display ed in the Windows oL Watts' jewehy store. Jeremiah Taylorcelebrated his eighty eighth birthday last week by. íoing a good day's work, assistmi? in drawing in oats. The democrats are going to raise a Iole at John O'Uara's corners, Monday orTuesday. Speakers will ba in attendance. A ten-pound giii arrived a week ago Wednesday to gladden the home of Will üreve, clerk in sjchairer's dry goods store. The prohibitionists will hold a delégate convention next Wednesdav in the court house to nomínate candidates for couuty officers. -Au interestiug comtnunication from Prof. Emil Baur on the fruit exhibit and our dying trees is uuavoidably crowded out this week. The Bethlehem church clioir of tlns city furnished the musicfor the.unioaa meetings of several Gertcan c'. urelies at Freedoru last Sunday. "Win. Bush shipped flftèen Suropshire larabs to ü . W. Dean, of (.reen Oak.Wednesday, and Supervisor Brown shipped ten at Uie sume time. Fiuneguu & Howard hav closed their wool purchases for the season, having purcliased 117,000 pounds atan averageof 22 cents per pound. Mack& 8chnaid have something of importance to say in their new ad. today. Their new stoek of goods is as fine as was ever displayed here. The Congregational society has purchased of Raudall a line life-size photographic bustof Jr. Ryder, which is now hung in the parlors of the church. While George Jacobus was driving over the M. C. bridge Sunday, tbe horse shied, throwing him out and badly bruising his face, arm and leg. Judge (J. A. McClellen, a. formerresi" dent on south University avenue, has been nominated for congress by the democrats of the 12th Indiana district. P. J. McGuire, of Philadelphia, secretary of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of Americs, will speak hei e the flrst or second week ,in October. The üre alarm yesterday noon for the second ward should have been for the sixth, and then it was only on account of some grass buming on Washtenaw avenue af ter all. The interior of the high school building has been undergoing a course of repairs during the summer vacation. so that it will be in good condition when school begins Sept. 3d. The prohibition . couiity convention will be held at the court house next Wednesday to Domínate a coimty ticket. Rev. John Bussell is expected to be the orator of the day. James Clancy, of the flrst ward, died of oíd age, Monday, aged 74 years and 1 month. Deceased came here f rom Paw Paw, Mich., about two years ago. Funeral services were held Wednesday. The monthly meeting of the pomological society will be held the nrst of September. Topics: Grape rot, by J. Ganzhorn; Transportation; JL'eaches and Pears; Fruit exhibit, hippers of fruit should attend. S. B. Thompson, the colored clergyman, attorney at law, and claim agent, reports the arrival of a flfteen and half pound girl at his house on Wednesday of last week. Mr. Thompson is seventysix years old. Miss 0ima Bantield has resigned her position a 3 teacher in the third ward school, and it is understood that Mis3 Augusta Walter, wtrd lias been clerking for O. L. Matthews, has been appointed to the place. The inter-denorninational Sunday School Association for Ingham, Livingston, Jackson and Washtenaw counties will be held in North Lake on AVednesday, Thursday and Friday of the second week in October. Some of the people have supposed that Oiïn B. Cady, director of vocal culture in the Anu Arbor School of Music, intended to accompany his brother to Chicago. This is a misas he will retain his position here. Miss Gerstner had a close cali frora being shot Sunday while sittiog on the lia.7.a Of her home on Fountain slrept. A 22-calihre bullet struck the höuse very close to her., it was probably done by some careless fellow shootinjï at sparrows. A little son of G. W. Cropsey was liitten bv a dog balonging to one of our eitizcns this week. A gentleman in tnwn was also suapped on the lea: by a dog, but his boot tops saved him from a serious bite. The cuvs that run the streets ought to be muzzled. - i 1 Mra. Slatford was relieved of her pocket book on the excursión to Toledo. Wednesday which contained a $10 bilí, a $5 gold piece and a pair of spectaeles. The book had been hanging on her arm and she suddenly noticed that it was missing. She does not know whether was stolen or lost. Nathan Woodmansee, a fruit grower living near the cemetery found a colt beiongins: to him dead ia his pasture with a bullet hole in his body. It is not known whether the colt was killed by accident or not, and Mr. Woodmansee bas off ered a reward of $25 for the discovery of the one who did the deed. Two companies of the Governor's Guards, Cleveland and Thurman Club have been organized. One company is officered as follows: Capta Henry Merrithew; First Lieutenaiit, W. W. Watts; Second Lieutenant, John Fischer. The second company will be commanded by Captain Michael Sheehan. The fall meeting of the Milan Driv. ing Park Association will be held on their new grbiinds Saturday, áept. lst. There will be a 2:50 class trotting race, a named race, and a ruiming race. Entrance must be made with President Charles Gauutlett or Secretary D. IV McLaehlan by 12 o'clock on tbe day of the races. Mrs. W. II. Jlogers and l'rof. and Mis. E. Evaus had a iiamnv escape froni a severe accident süveral days ago while out ridinsc. Tbey were on Packard streel and in turning to avoid another vehicle the carriage was upset, tlirowing the occupants into the glitter. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt, bu'. the carriage vvas somewhat damagftd. A meeling of the tradesmen of Ann Arbor and vicinity was held in the hall over Stimson's store last Fridav evening, when addresses on the "Federaion of Labor" were dehvered by Messrs. Goldwater and Ogg, president and vice-president respectively of the trade council of Detroit. These gentlemen wdll return next Monday tor the purpose of organiziug a couucil here. Chas. Glenn, son ofJEmily and the late Chas. Leiter, died of teething, in this eity,last Saturday, aged 13 months, and was.buried in the Forest llill cemeterySunday at 6 p. m. The family were living in Monroeville, Ind., vvheu the father died, about 15 months ago, when they returned to this city, which was the former home of Mis. Leiter, she being the daughter of Mrs. Tracy Koot. Quite an excitement was created Tuesday evening on the streets by tlie rival excursions. Company A tried to get the beneöt of the OddFellows' band advertising for their excursión. Tran3parencies for the company's excursión were rushed in ahead of the üdd Feliows' transparencies,;but after it was f ound what disgust tuis conduct caused on the part bf the citizens tney wisely put an end to trying to advertise at the Üdd Fellows' expense. It is needless to say that such action did the Odd Fellows more good than the company. While W. Banfield was abssnt trom his house on Surnmit sireet Sattuday morning, a tramp cut a screen door in the kitchen, went in aud made way with three dollars aud uinety cents. When Mr. Banfleld returned and discovered the burglary, he notiüed Sheriff Walsh, who arrested a man in the lumber yard near the place and found the money upon him together with a knife which bore evidence of having been used in cuttinc: the screeus. The name of the man arrested is Wm. Anderson and he will have a hearing next Tues day. The delivery mare belonging to Ca par Rinsey. the tfrocer, was severely mjured last, Friday evenin. She was' tied to a post opposite iiinsey & Seabolfs grocery on Washington btreet, when .Mrs. Dohegau, of Wells Corners, u tuniiiif,' her buggy around.backed up agaii'.st the wagon, catching in the wlieel and throwiug the mare on the ost. The result was tbat the mare"s side was severely injured and she wiil no longer be of use. The loss is a heavy one. Mr. Rinsey havinstonlv purchased her the Friday previous for $200. The excursión to Toledo and Fresque Isle, given by the Odd Fellosvs, was a most gratifying success in every 'particular. All who went;jhad a highly enjoyable time, and it is worthy of note that Agent lJaisley and Conductor R. g. Barrick used every endeavor for the pleasure of the excursionists. Both the T. ■& A. A. Li. R. and the Fresque Isle Co. did everjthins; that could have been expected of them. Eigïit coaches lef t here at eight o'clock, and a coachful Nas taken up at Milán and Azalia. The train returned dt 8:30. The democrals between Pittstield and Saline don'c do things by halves. Tliey will at one o'elock to-day begin the raising of 22 hickory poles, comtaeneing at Saline and winding up at ilenry Pftöl's school house. Cleveland , and Thurman streameis will be flaunted from eaeh pole as it is raised and ap_ jropriate speeches made. When Zach, :bandler was in lns glory in Michigan here was oniy one deniocrat, David "iepen1, in Unit neighborbood; but judgng from the enthnsiasra that will pre-aü there to-day, demociats don't feel 'en7 lonesome there nowadays. A letter from J. A. Jlohnet, dated at ... W. T., August 1": -.Mr. Louis lloininsíBi1. forrnorly of Ann Arbor, no.v located at Victoria, B. C, as aanagei of the publishing house of yaw, king & Law, doing business in arions important cities, hasjustpassed hrough this city on bis way to San francisco by way of Portland, Oregon, where he will remain a few days visitng his'friend, Christian Kayer, also of Aun Albor, wbo is very sick with typhoid malaria. Mr. llominger will ,hen pioieed to California to join Mr. Kobe t Rayer and together they will return to :the ;east Tas proprietors of a branch publishing house in Detroit. Christian Walker, of the firm of C. Walker & Bros., proprietors of the Ann Arbor Carriage Works, was found dead In his bed at 5 o'elock Wednesday morning, aged 41 years. Mr. Walker had been sick for six or seven months. but his death was not expected. He had been a citizen of this country for 23 years, and has been held in esteem by a large number of citizens, The cause of his death was somewhat doubtful, so that doctors made an examination of the body Wednesday afternoon, and found a "large cáncer in the stomach which had been growing until death was the result. The funeral will take place to-day, services being held at the house at ' o'elock and at the Bethleheiu church at 2:30. John Farley was boni in Ann Arbor August 18, 1848. His parents moved to Marshall, Mich., where be received a good business education. Having a kuack for railroading, be became in 1872, a conductor of a passenger train. From there he moved to Texas, where fie engaged in the manufacture and sale of ice. His brother, Bart, became associated witb bim and the business was a success. Hart died in 1886, leav ing John in the entire charge of their extensive business. His mind becoming overtaxed, he was takeu ill and died very suddenly, Friday last. His remains were brought to his mother s home in Marshall, where he was ínter red in the Catholic cenietery. lle leaves a wife and two chüdren, a mother, two brothers, and three sisters to mourn his lo )S. The funeral was largely attended, among those present being Mrs. Mary Sniitu, of Ann Arbor town and Eugene Gibney, of tlns city, both cousins of the deceased.