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UNACQUAINTED WITH THI GEOORAPHY OF THI COUNTRY WILL OBTAIN MUCH U8EFUL INFORMATION F ROM A HTUDY OP THI MAP OF THI CHICAGO, ROCK I8LAND & PACIFIC R'Y. lts central position and clone connectie with EuUrn Zilnea at Chioago and continuous Unes at terminal points West, Northwet and Southwest, mak it the tru mid-link in that transcontinental ohain f teel which unites the Atlantic and Pacific. lts main line and branches include Chicago, Joliet, Ottawa, La Salie, Feoria, Geneseo, Kolin and Bock Island, in Illinois; Darenport, Xusoatiae, Washington, Falrfleld, Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, West Liberty, IowaOity,DsXolnes, Indianola, Wintersst, Atlantio, KnoxTÜle, Audubon, Harían, Guthrie Oentra BmBSBiMBjn and Council Bluffs, in Iowa ; Gallatin, Trenton, Cameron, KaJyW sj wjB St. Joseph and Kansas City, in Hissouri ; Lenvenworth KVll ■ H and Atchison, in Kansas ; Minneapoli and St. Paul, in K7a1l H Minnesota ; Watertown and Sioux Falls, in Dakota, and ■HIBsaBBH many other prosperous towns and cities. It also offers a OHOICB OF ROUTES to and from the Pacifie Coast and intermedíate placas, ■naking all transfers in Union Depots. Fast Train of fine DAT COACHXS, alsrant DINIK Q C ABS, mag-nifloeat PtTLLKAN P ALACB SLEEPING CA&S, and (between Chicag-o, 8t. Joseph, Atchison and Kansas City i restful BECLINING CHAIB CAB8, cata FLLE to holdera of tcrousrh first claco tickets. THE CHICAGO, KANSAS & NEBRASKA R'Y (QftKAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE) Sxtends west and southwast froia. Kansas City and St. Joseph to Fairbury, Nelson, Horton, Topaka, ■JEfJBBHnBEaEQRI Horington, Hutohinson, Wiohita, Caldwell, and all ■jTJ], J TA points in southern Kebraska, interior Kansas and btyand. BsjTl -J . I ■ B Xntir Passenger eotüpment f the oelebrated Pullman sV"J I l_ JLH manufacture. Belldly ballasted track of heaTy steel mÊMmmmmKOBUaB rnil. Iron and stona bridge. All safety applianosa and modera improTements. Commodious, well built tations. Oelsrity, oertainty, oomfort and luxory asaured. THE FAMOUS ALBERT LEA ROUTE Ia the farorite betweea Chioago, Rook Island, Atchison, Kansas City, and Kinneapolia and St. Paul. The touxist rauta to all Korthern Sununer Besorts. lts Watertown Branch trarerses th most prodnctLr land of the great " whsat and dairy balt" of Northern Iowa, South western Kinnesota and East-Central Dakota. The short line, Tia Séneca and Kankakee, offers superior EflBHBssssssBSBsslssl facilities to travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, B.1J I V I ■ 1 fl yette, and Council Bluft, St. Joseph, Atchiaon, ■ TJ J 1 1 1 1 Z4 1 worth, Kansas City, Kinneapolis and St. Paul. ■Il' "al For Tickets, Kap, Folders, or any desired Information, itsUssfiUzatBsflKsa apply to any Coupon Ticket Offloa in th United States or Canada, or addrass, E. ST. JOHN, oHirAro ill HOLBROOK, Oanaral Xauni. UHIOAUO, ILL. Qn'l Ticket PaWr Agent.


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