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Old Hiems Plays Havoc

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Marquette, Mich., Aug. ai.- In this hillenvironed city the people have long feit safe from the visitation of cyclones,but yesterday they were enlled upon to witness an exhibition that bas hitherto existed only in their minds. At 2 p. m. a black cloud came up from the west and passed rapidly over the city. The rain feil in torrente. Tmmediately thereafter the sun came out bright, and it was exceedingly hot, with not a breath of air stirring. Fifteen minutes later the peo pie, as if by a common presentimeut of impending danger, began to hurriedly seek shelter. At 2:20 another cloud, larger and darker, a ppeared at the hilltops west of town. It had the appearanca of a huge bird, whose long, black, fan-shaped wings were revolving rapidly around a eone-shaped body. As it came over the hills Át rose to a great height. and the anxious watchors believed it would pass over. A whist ling moan was heard as it drew nearer at the rate of sixty miles an bour. When directly over the very center of the busines3 parportion of the city it suddenly dipped,and the mischief began. Itstruck the paveinent amid the most substautial stone and brick buildings of the city, and after vainly attempting to scatter tbem to piece i it whirled north one block up Front street, lifted and passed out over the bay. Less than two minutes ware consumed by the cyclone, but the damage wrougut in that time is estimated by conservativa men to reach at least $10,000. The tin rooffing on the business bloeks afïorded ampie tunity for tbe wind to créate hsty havoc. Hundreds of square feet of tin roofs were rolled into great heaps, and either carried away bodily, tbrown on to the roofs opposite buildings, or deposited in shapeless maisses in the streets. Bricks from demolished chimneys and the combings of business blocks, telephone and telegraph wires were thrown in a complete network, and mixing with the debris in the street rendered them irapassable for 60me time. Horses broke away and ran in terror bef ore the storm; huge trees were uprooted and many glass wlndows deraolished. Rain meanwhile poured in the streets, and hail feil in drifts in sheets. As the eyclone rose and passed off toward the lake there was great fear feit for the lake craft, but it suddenly veered to the northwest, lashed the bay into a seething caldrou of white caps, and disappeared in the forest beyond. Tbe sbipping in the harbor was but little damaged, and no marine disasters are reported. There was much anxiety feit for the people of the different towns along the track of tbe storm, but all communication had been was cut off, and was not restored until 9 p. m., when it was learned that no other towns were visited by the cyclone. It flew high, exeept in the single instance wben t dropped lor a couple of minutes in the heart of this city.


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