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Luther James' Will

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The will of the late Luther James, of this city and Lima, who diod at Waukesha, W13., on July 25th, was admit' ted to probate by Judge ilarriman on Monday last. The wül when read proved to have some peculiar provisïons regarding the disposition of a large portion of the estáte. The will was drawn by 6. V. Turn Buil, of Chelsea. and was dated June 18th of the present year, but little more than a month betore Mr. James' death. The witnesses to the will were G. VV. Turn Buil, J. R. Gates and H. M. Woods, all of Chelsea. The executors named in the will were thre of the deceased's nephews, Lewis W. James, of Saratoga Springs, X. Y., James L. Babcock, of Chicago, but who had lived with Mr. James for a number of years, and Thomas S. Sears, of Lima. It was Mr. James' request that the executors be not compelled to give bonds, and the judge therefore made the amount nominal, $12,000. Under the will, the followintc legacies were left to his two sisters and twenty-one nephews and nieces: ElizabethJ. Babcock, Chicago $5,000 Rachel L. Storrs, Chicago 5,000 Gen. Claudias W. Sears, Oxford, Miss 5,000 Frenéis M. Martin, formcrly of Dexter... 5,000 Sophia A. Ewing-, New York .'.. 5,000 Elizabeth J. Rowley, Cantón, D. T ó.OOO Thomas S. Sears, Lima 5,000 Henry L. James, Williamsburg, Mase 5,000 Lyman D. James, Williarasburg, Mass 5,000 Mary F. Richards, San Antonio, Texas 5,000 Jumes h. Whitney, Boston, Masa 5,000 Alice L. Whitney, Northainpton, Mass 5.O0O Henry L. Whitney, Beloit, Wis 5,000 JahellaG. Collier, Kinderhook, N. Y 5,000 Darwin R. James, Brooklyn, N. Y 5,000 tai le W. James, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 5,000 John W. James, Brooklyn, N. Y 5,000 WilliumH. H. James, Orang-e.N.J 5,000 Luther L. James, Dexter 5.000 Thomas S. James, Doxter 5,000 David W. Storrs, Chicago 5.000 To James L. Babcock, who has been sointimately associated with Mr. James in this city for many years past, is left Northampton National Bank stock, Northampton, Mass., $5,000; Geneva JSational Bank stock, Geneva. N. Y., 12,000; Ohelsea Savings Bank stock, Chelsea, $5,000; U. S. bonds (4 per cent, consols), $5,000; real estáte mortgages, $13,000, the face valué of the behest amounting to $30,000, but which are worth much more than their face. The will próvidos that the balance of the estáte shall remain in the hands of the executors for five years from the date of probate, the interest to be paid to James L. Babcock: If at the end of five years Babcock is alive and married, the entire residue of the estáte is to be paid over to him; if he shall have died within the Bye years and shall leave a widow or children surviving him, onehalf of the residue of the estáte is ra be paid to him and the other half to be divided among the other legatees equally; it he dies leaving neither wife nor children within the flve years, the residue of the estáte is to be divided equaily among the other leaatees; i f he is alive and unmarried at the end of the five years, the residue of the estáte is to be divided among all of the legatees of the will pnnnllv II MI V ' i ' I ! ' t ! T t The will creates no little interest araong those who have learned its contents, making as it does the behest of nearly a quarter of a million dollars dependeut upon the marriage of the legatees. This behest is peculiar, as Mr. James himselr was a bachelor and took but little interest in marriage.


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