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For Congress -- Willard Stearns

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Our candidate for Congress has been named and wisely has the convention chosen. Willard Stearns, editor of the Adrián Press, is a man who has opinions and who expresses them. He has long done battles for the principies of democracy and shown himself fully equipped for battle. He is a strong man, with a great deal of personality. A wordy encounter with Senator Omar D. Conger, in which the Port Huron man was completely used up, lives in the traditions of Adrián. He is a strong man in debate, quick to reply, and a point made is made with such iorce that there is no reply. He will prove a host upon the platform. The nomination of Mr. Stearns means an aggressive campaign on the part of the democrats in this district. They will fight to down Ed. Allen by 1,000 majority and in that fight Washtenaw will be called upon to do her part. Her share means at least 1,500 majority for Stearns. There will be no shilly-shallying in this campaign. Everybody will know what Mr. Stearns beheves. It will be a square campaign. There will be no carrying of water on both shoulders. Mr. Stearns is a man physically well developed. He has a clear and penetrating voice, fitted to address large audiences. He can stand the fatigues of the campaign well and can, if necessary, make two speeches a day from now till the end of the campaign. It is now time to redeem the district. Let us all put our shoulders to the work and roll up a nsing majority for Stearns, our next congressman.


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