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On Sept. llth., 12th., 13th. and 14th. .he Michigan Central will run special rains to Jackson on account of the tate fair. The train leaves Ann Arbor at 6:57 a. m. One fare for the round rip. 34-35 School books slightly damaged by our late flre at lesa than half price at Sheehan's book store, State st. Buy school books and school supplies at Sheehan & Co's book store, State st. Reduced prices on everything. Detroit Races. From Sept. 4th. to 8th. the Michigan Central railroad will sell round trip tickets at one f are with 51.00 additional íor admission. Tickets sold on Sept. 4th. to 8th.# Good to return Sept. 8. 34-35 H. YV.Hayes, Agent. Art Loan. Exhibition. At Detroit Sept. lst. :to Nov. loth. One fare for round trip with 2-5 cents additional for admission via. the Michigan Central railroad. Tickets sold on Thursday of each week uutii Nov. 15. 34-44 H. VV. Hayes, Agent. BASE BALL. National League Games at Detroit. The Mich. Central Ry. will on Friday, Sept. 7. Detroit vs. Washington, Saturday, Sept. 15, Detroit vs. Boston, Tuesday, Sept. 11, Detroit vs. Philadelphia, Thursday, Sept. 20, Detroit vs. New York, sel) round trip tickets at one f are with 50 cents added for admissiou. A. VV. Ilayes, Agent. 24-36 Read This Carefully, Mr. Hayley, of this city, is [now canvasino; Ann Arbor with nis nevv Electric Enamel Furniture Polish and will cali on you shortly and if you have any mared or scratched Furniture he will soon show you how quickly he can remove them and make your furniture look like new Agents wanted in everv state in the Union. Price 25cts. , öOcts. and $1.00. Kesidence 34 E. Liberty St. 34-46 e o w TheT, A. A. & N. M. Kailway Company will run anotherjexcursion to VVhitmore Lake on Sunday, Sept. 2nd. the train leayes this city at 1 p. m. and arrivés back at 9 p. m. The Toledo and Aun Albor Company are selling tickets to Toledo this week at one fare tor the round trip, on ac count of the Tri-State Fair which is being held there. The T. & A. A. Company will run a special train on Sept. 4th to connect with the D., L. & N. excursión to L'e toskey. The train leaves Aun Arboi at 9 a. m. Notice. Owing to the actioD of the common council in directing the discontinuance of the Allen spring, the Watei Compauy will be compelled to insist upou a rigid observance of the rules in refereuce to the use of water. The use of hose except during the hours permitted by the rules of the Water Company, which are from 6 to 8 a. m., and from 6 to 8 p. in. is prohibí ted and the water will be turned ofl without notice where this rule is vio lated. A. W. HAMÍLTON, 2t Supt. of the A. A. Water Co Harvest Excursions. The Michigan Central R.R.Oo. will on Tuesday, Aug 21st, Sept. llth. anc 2ötb., üct. 9th, and 23rd, 1888, sell round trip tickets at one ürst class fare to points in Ala., Ark.,Col.,Dak.,Indian Territory, lowa. Kan., La., Minn. Miss., Mont., Neb,, New Mexico Tenn. , Texas and Wyoming. Tickets good for 30 days. For fur ther information please cali at M. C. ticket office. H. W. Hay es. Agent. 33-41 Cucumbers for pickles, cucumberB o any size, 30 cents a hundred. Por sale byN.G. Butts. Notice of Drain Letting. Notice is hereby given, ttaat I, John A. Stoll townshipdraincomniissioner of the township of Lodi county of Washtenaw, State of Miehi Kan will on Monday the thh-d day of Septem ber A. D. 1888, at the outlet in said township at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day pro ceed to receive bids lor the eonstruction of a certain drain to be kuown as the Fietcher and Jjrowu drain, located and established in tlie said township of Lodi and describedae follows to-wit' Commencirig at a certaln point in section twenty on the uortheiist corner of the lake known as Arnold's lake, thence east throue+i lands of Fietcher helrs, thence east throuSh lands of Eagaus, thence east through lands of George Genthcr, thence east through lands of Eagaus, thence east through lands ot Luckhard, thence east and south throngh lands of John Berkle, thence south through lands of George Braun, the width and depth ■n-ill be maile known on the day of sale. Saidiob willbelet bysections or diTisipns. The Bectionatthe outlet of the drain will be letflrst, and the remaining sections m their order up stream, and bids will be made and rteeived áccordingly. Contracta will be made withthelowest-responsible bidder giving adequate security lor the performance ol the workiiiasum to be llxcd by me. ïhedate for the coui pietion of such contract, and the terins of payrnent therefor, shall be announced at the time and place of letting. The rignt to relect anv or all bids is reserved by me. Notice isfurther hereby given, that at the time and place of said letting the asiessment of beneüts made by me, will be subject to review. Dated thie (20, day of Aug grt, IJ. Ifflg. Drain Commiesioner for the Township of Lodi. Dissolved Partnership. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, who have been aísociated together under the flrm name of Morgan & Hungerford have dissolved partnership by mutual consent. Ihe business will becontinued and all orders and contracta nlled by Mr. E. H Morga- G. W. Hungerford Dated, Ann Arbor, Aug. 15th, 1888.


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