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Washington City, Aug. 23.- The senate yesterday placed on the calendar billa appropriating $75,000 for a public building at Kal amazoo, Mich., and $3,500 a year for a pension for Mrs. Gen. Sheridan. Beek introduced mensures to suspend the ainking f umi law, saying the bondholders were putting up the price of bonds because of the existeuce of the law. The joint resolution appropriating $300,000 to fight epidemie diseasas and making the money immediately available, waa passed. Chandler spoke to his resolutiona alleging violence and fraud in the laat Louisiana election and denounced Governors Nicoll and McEnery in very vigoroua language His speech was not coucluded at adjourn ment. The conference report on the army appropriation bill was presented in the house ; also the similar report on the navy appropriation - tbe latter was adopted. The general defleiency bilí then carne up and amendments were added for the railway mail aerviee and for Kentucky war claims, aggregating over $600,000. A point of order was raised against the first paragraph of the French spoliation claims section, and pending a decisión the house adjourned. Washington City, Aug. 34.- Alter the transaction of some upimportant business in the senate yesterday the senate accepted a marble bust of Garibaldi presented by Italian citizens, Evarts deli vering an eloquent eulogy ou that distinguished Italian. Chandler continued and finished his speech on the Louisiana election. Wilson of Iowa spoke in support of the resolution ragardinjt the suppression of the nero vote at the city election at Jackson, Miss., last January. A message was received from the president advising, in view of the rejection of the fisheries treaty, tbe adoption of a policy of retaliation, and asking for further legislation to make the Bame effeetive. Edmunds immediately moved an adjournment. Morgan objected that the message was i mportant and sbould be read. Edmunds said it could wait until to-day, and Morgan asked a yea and nay vote on the motion. It was taken, and resultod yeas, 23; nays, 20 - a strict party vote - and the senate adjourned. Crain introduced a joint resolution in the house authorizing the president to Vfto speeifle items in an appropriation bil!. The conference report on the army appropriation bill was disagreed to, the appropriations for Watervliet arsenal and heavy guns being the bone of contention. The general deöciency bill was then taken up, and Springer, who was in the chair, sustained the point of order that the new code of rules prohibited the appropriation of money for the French spoliation claims. Dibble appealed, but before the vote was taken the president's message on tbe fisheries question was announced and read, the Democrats applauding at the conclusión of the reading. After its reference to the foreign affaire committee Wilson (Minn.) introduced a bill to carry out the president's suggestison, and the bill was referred to the same committee, and the house adjourned. Washington City, Aug. 22.- The president'a fisheries message was read the first thing in the senate yesterday, and Edmunds immediately took the floor and critieised it as a backdown on tbe part of the administration. He wanted to know why the present retaliatory law had not been enforeed, since it had been the law for eighteen months. Hoar followed in a similar strain, and Morgan defended the message, and said the rejection of the treaty had been brought about to entrap the president. Hale also criticised the message. George got the floor to spaak on the same subject, but the matter went over, and the senate adjourned until Monday. The house after some routine business again took up the general deficienoy bill, and a vote on the appeal from the ehair's decisión that appropriation for the Prench spoliation claims was prohibited by the rules failed to disclose a quorum, nor could a quorum be secüred up to 4 :30 p. m. , at which time a recess was taken to 8 p. m. , wben a number of private pension bilis were passed, and the house adjourned. Washington City, Aug. 7. - When the house took a vote tíaturday on a motion to go int-o committee on the deficiency bill and the UBual response of "no quorum" was made Payson t ffered a resolution providing that all leaves of absence be revoked exeept in the case of iliness. This precipitated a lively debate during which Cannon charged the Democrats with responsibility for the state ot things. Payson said there was no occasion for polities in the matter, but Cannon insisted that there was. Finally the resolution was adopted and the house adjourned. Washington City, Aug. 28.- Plumb reported back to the senate yesterday the bill to forfeit the lands granted to Michigan to aid the eonstruction of the Marquette & Ontonagou railway. The resolution calling for copies of documents on the subject of lumber cuttins on government lands was adopted. VVilson concluded his speech on the Jackson, Miss., election, and Walthal replied thereto. Edmunds introduced an amendment to the resolution calling on the president to inform the senate of what remonstranees he bas made against the alleged discrimination of Canada against American vessels in Canadian canals. The amendment covers information on the whole of the fisheries subject. The president's veto of the Sioux City public building bill was received and the senate adjourned. Measures were introduced in the house as follows: Bill to suspend sinking fund law, and amend tari ff laws; resolution inquiring what national banks use governraent funds without paying interest, and whether such banks contribute to Democratie national political funds; bill to define trusts and punish their members; resolution calling for information as to what remonstrances the president has made against alleged Canadian discrimination against American vessela navigating Canadian canals. The general deficiency bill was taken up, the point of order against the Frenen spoliation claims sustained, and the bill passed. Yost of Virginia spoke in favor of the Klair educational bill, charging its slow progress to the Democrats, and Wise repudiated the charge and said it had not been made a party questiou. Then house then adjourned. Washington City, Aug 39. - Hoar's fisheries resolution, amended by the Edmunds addition printed in these dispatches, was adopted by the senate yesterday. The conference report oa the sundry civil bill then carne up and Allison in explaining it said tne appropriations this year - if made to correspond with the amounts asked by the departments, as the senate had measurably done- would aggregate $421,000,000, only 819,000,000 less than the estimated revenue Of $440,000,000. A long political debate then ensued, in which Hale, Beek, Blackburn and Bberman paitioipated, and the sundry civil report was still pending when ithe senate, after a short executive session, adjourned. Grosvener was among those who asked tha bouse for leave of absence, and tae stated frankly thit ho wanted to get away to make political speeches in Maiuo, Breckinridge opposed ttia leave, but it was flnally granted. A drseusion thea took place on the bill to have all government securities printed by hand presses, Foran of Ouio insisting that steam press work was inferior and more easily counter; eited. The bill went over, and tho Oklahoma bil! came up and Payson proposed an amendment tbrowing the territory open to homesteaders. This was opposed by Springer, and pending debate the house adjourned.


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