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NEW LIVEHY STABLE. OldMoniterbarn.i Corner Huron and Second Sts. FIRST CLASS New Rigs, Good Horses and Bright Harneas. Best accoramodations for or Boarding by week. Barn Thoroughly renovated. w. S. SOÜTHAKD, Prop. MEAT MARKETS. iyr p . vogel, DEALER lic Fresh, Salt and Smoked eats, And game in season. xs e. nxriaoijr stirieiet. A A. MEÜTH, 84 DETROIT STKEET NEW YORK M EAT 4..RKET, Carnes full line of choic fresh, salt, smoked meats, sausage and lard. An eighteen yeara experience in New York City eaables me to put up meats in regular New York style. Telephone connections. p W . VOGEL, No. I Ani Strest. CHOICEST CUTS OF STEAKS. All kinds o EATS AND SAUS AG ES. Fresh lard alwaya in stock. Poultry in season. MiSCELLAN'EOUS. O OBERT S. OER, AG1IC.T FOB TOLEDO BUEOH PLOWS, VÍCTOR SCHOOL FURNITURE, TOLODO PICTURE FRAMES. Manufacturar of lleotrio Bnamel Furnitur Polish and rarnish restorer, silrer and zino polishes, etc. 4 Detroit Street. r W. AMSDEN, - DlALER IH- FLOUR,FEED, COAL, AND ALL KINDS OF HARD AND SOFT WOOD, BALED HAYANDSTRAW. Also Linseed Oil Meal an excellent feed for stock. No. 33 East Huron Street, aext to Firemen'iHall. MILLINERY Sc DRESSMAKING. jyrRS. a. otto, i. i Xj Xj i :tT e jr, 19 Fourth Street. Full and complete line of ladies and childrens hats. caps and bonnets in all the summer blocks at the lowest prices. All the new shades in flowers and ribbons for trimming. Cali and inspect my goods bei'ere purchasing. ïyrRS. F. L. UNDERWOOD Dress, Gloak and antle aker, 81 North Main Street. Special attention griven to wedding trousseau and traveling Good flts guaranted in every instance. Good references given if desired. MUSIC DEALERS. Tlf USICAL MERCHANDISE, l'JL 25 South Fourth Street. PianoSj Organs and The New Rotary Shuttlï "STANDARD SEWIXG MACHINE." Largest stock, lowest prices . Easiest terms . AL VIN WILSEY, PAINTERS WM. HERZ, NO. 4 WEST WASHINGTON STREET. House, Sigm, Onamenílnd Fresco Paihter, gilding, calcimining, glazing and paper hanging. All work is done in the beat style and warranted to gire satisfaction. PHYSICIANS. Í1 HOWELL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, OOH 4, MASONIC BLOCKTelephone, Dr. Nichols' office, Telephone, No. 100, at the House. Calis Answered Day or Night. rR. Í..D. WHITE CLAIKVOYANT PHYSICIAN, Has removed to 204 Trumbull Avenue, Detroit Especial attention t the.treatment of chronic di9eases. TJR. JAMES C. WOOD, Office Cor. Huron and Main. Residence 6 South Dirision st. Office houra frm2 to 4 and 1 to 8 p. m. Telephone No. 114 TJR. H R. ARNDT, Office over First National Bank. Hours: 10:30 to 13: 2:30 to 3:30. Can be reaehed at residence, West Huron St., at the "Prof. Nichols place" by telephone No. 97, and will reply to oalls in the evening. RESTAURANTS. rpONY SCHIAPPACASSE, DEALER IN FRUITS, J T, CONFECTIONS, TOBACCO AND CIGARS, Fresh consignments of fruits received daily. Cali and see my new erop of oranges, lemons, and bananas. No. 5 Mam Street. A NTON BRAHM, EEASTAUEANT & C0NFE0TI0NEEY, Depot street, opposite M. C. freight house. Warm meals and lunches at all hours. Spft drinks, full line of tobáceo, cigars, etc. T JACOB KOCH'S LITTLE GRAND KESTAUBAIÍT AND ICE CREAM PARLORS, Meals to order and lunches at all hours for from flye to twenty-flve cents. Confections, tobáceo and cigars. Twenty-four East Washington Street. Tlf-RS. VVM. CASPARY, COR. ANN AND FOURTH STREETS. Bakery, Eesturant h Oonfectionary Store. Ice cream and soda water, fresh bread, cakes, and canned gooda. A good meal for 25 centa. Lunchás at all hours. ANN ARBOR SMALL FRIJIT1RSKRF All kinds of Berry Plants. Fruit and Ornamental trees from Ellwanger Barry, Kochester, N. Y. i& Ordr mast b sent at once, ir Willes ai)dsyrüps Sweet and sour home-made wine for invalida. Bonesett Shrub, Rasp berry Wine and Syrup, Dried Peara. Plymouth Bock Egga. EM1L BAÜR West Huron Street,


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