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pIRE INSURANCE. GHRISIÁÑ MACK, Agüt ier the fllinn(r Firsf CI&ss Comp representinp OTer twenty-eiht Million Dollars AbsosU, issues plicies at the loweat rates jEtna of Hartford $9,192,644.00 Franklin of Phila 3,118,713,0 Gennania of N. T 2,700,729.60 American of N.Y. 4,065,968.96 London Assurance,Lond'n 1,416,788.80 Michigan F. M., Detreit 287,608. N. T. Undrwritrs, N. Y. Ï,69,79.W National, Hartf rd 1 ,774,505,0 Phsnix, N. Y. 3,759,036 jWSpocial attetin given to th insuranoe f dweUings, schools, churehes and pualic 'buildings od terina oí three and üt jears. MonumenlsJllStatiiary. ■ ■ WHITE BRONZE M MdnümentS Tk flrt premiums t th Ann Arbor ci ChelseaFHirs. Nt bing ptrous likt stont, they cam not absorb mtistur, grw moss. nor eruMblt and will pcfy Tk Tèk mí Tltftm FOK CEKTURIES. B.CULY, .A.O-E3STT l X. Waabinrtaa, Tr ninsey and Seabvlt'i, Hot4ey pee. You nTer can obtaia, axcept at fabulous prices, coffe that will better suit your taste than the celebrated OLD BT E. WAGNEU, ■who is making Ui ill lillin SEKALTT. He also has a fine line of Groceries nd ProTisions, Glassware, Tobacco, etc. The proof of the pudding is the eating, se try buying your groceries of WAGltfER, 33 S Main Street, Ann Arbor. f 7T H boom: agents AAI A A HIGH TERMS Atenta wh hT kW ■ mcceij ikuli wnte uiat ïKTTUB (u postal caris) ■ma f bnaks, dt, bubImt ola in kt tirn, wht tenu reolvtd (nux 1"artioulas), %%t llttm frM ■ hxw flí aad inutuiicnt UKttni t kettar themsalvcs n w ad fastialUac jMkk. HKNRY BUCKLIN CO., 6T. I.OUIS, M #rtl'- Y i hinii.iiiliualíMiUfliiiijtíf VI Ilitwanx. , tkan at Tlhieeli UUui world. Capital ot Bd ;yuur tarted Both seies, all ages. Aaycaa d tke wrk. Larga oarliags inn frm flrat atart. Cutlj ott aad timi fra. Better nt delay. Üit ju ïatklac U aead ui rur addreas aad Had af il jou ar vria tu wil) d atac. H. Hiun CO..Prtlaad. Mala Agonts Wantod I r taa most cmplet popular family phyaiciaa bock cTarprodoced. Select maething tbobooohly ugiycu pf tiil-b TALOE, and aalea ara alway au and larga. ENTIRJtLY NHW, up t the van latest icleaca, yrt in plain langujg. A GaBAT NOVKLTY in all ita parta aad attiacte inataat attention. 150 nirravlng. Tha maat yrifuily and baautUullr illuitraled book of the klad Tr ot Bp. BE8T OF ALL, it ia BY FAB tha LOWB8TPKICBD eT publiahad- leas tkan kalf the eost of deat rolume yt out. Anata wh are tirad of itrugibng with highpricad booka, writa tor particulara of thU great nw departa; in kokUit. ji rLANZT rUBClBHIKO CO. MS Pim Street, ST. LOOIS, MO. Kdar'l Ubi fiTts Agesta íritkoat capital.


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