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A Sbelby panson who started uut in the country to marry a couple kept the interested parties auxiously looking for more'n two houra, because a borrowed mustang wouldn't let him rids it, compeling the man of God to "huff it." The Romeo camp meeting closed on the 2ánd with polítical addresses by Republican, Democratie and Prohibition speakers. Quite an innovation. Mrs. Phoebe Clarke, a colored lady, died at Detroit on the 19th at the advanced age of 10H years. A Marquetta farmer's cows drank from the ref use of a nitro gíyeerine factory and went off - dead. Postmaster Wilson, of Galesburg, wasn't feeling well and got a drink at a local drug store and has been blind since. He drank belladonna. A fifteen-foot vein of soft coal has been discove.ed near Hopkins Station, Allegan county. William Jackson, a Grindstone City farmer, gets $150,000 by the death of an únele in England. Jaekson was already well-to-do. Comstock, Kalamazoo county, is to have a $75,000 manufacturing enterprise for making Kimble engines. George Thompson, the Isabella county faimer who is supposed to know just how his neighbor, Albert Herrington, carne to his untimely death, has been bound over to the circuit court to answer to a charge of murder in the second degree. Jennie Vandemoot, a Grand Haven lassie, sued Anthony Leopeck $1,000 worth beeause Anthony didn't keep his matrimonial promises, but a jury decided that $150 was enough for him to pay. Nearly 1,000 Jackson children of school age didn't attend school at all last year. George Ferguson, an Echo man, shot himself through the head because he feltso badly about getting into a quarrel at a dance. The Detroit syndicate that invested in the Etogers City raarble quarry have discovered a gold mine on the same property. "In luck." Burglars made a light haul from the Farwell depot one night last week, as the amount of "cash on hand" was limited ; but they got all there was. Indications point to a plentiful erop of game this fall and lote of f un for the sportsman. A Muskegon parson avers that he shouldered his rod and line the other morning and bied himself away to the lake where he caught seven fish in a jiffy that weighed thirty-six aud a half pounds. And yet the ordinary sinner is censured by some folks for telling a good fish story. At Negaune, Mich. , Sunday night, John Bauer and a eompanion quarreled, and the latter, 'vho refusos to give his name, stabbed Bauer seven or eight times. Bauer is in a hospital, and may recover. His assailant is m jail. At the burning of Hawley & Sons' sawmill near Mancelona Cole McKenzi was caught uuder a falling tramway i J seriously, it not fatally, injured. Inceudiarism is suspkioned. Just before the late Bishop Harria left Detroit for his European trip he took out $20,000 worth of Ufe insurance. Mr. and Mrs. Ladd, Hudson folks, drove in the way of the Lake Shore fast mail but will recover. The buggy was reduced to kindling wood, though, in a twinkling. A steam thresher got in its warm work on Col. Saylor's barn near Bridgeport. Loss, $3,000, with light insurance. Lmluth, South Shore & Atlantic magnates have decided to make Marquette división headquarters of the line, and will build new rail way shops there, all of which pleaseth the average Marquette man. More'n 1,000 busbels of cucun;bers were sold at Pinkney one day recently, and yet most of the citizens escaped the colic. This is explained by the f act that a pickle factory digested the most of 'em. L. J. Wilson, an Eaton county farmer, is the proud owner of a haystack that's 30 by 95 feet and is aighteen feet high. ïhere's many a nibble in a pile like that. Various devices have been resorted to in the dry section of the state to bring rain. Prayer been tried, but without avail. while the festivo picnic hasn't succeeded any better. Even the camp-meeting didn't bring the much-desired moisture. More than one-half of the burned district at Alpena has already been rebuilt, the ninety new dwellings now up being better than those so recently destroyed by the great Third ward fire. Samuel J. Medler and three daughters, East Saginaw excursionists to Orion lake, came within an ace of being drowned while in bathing, but were rescued by some young men who happened along in a boat. Miss Mary Rolofson, a Bunker Hill girl who had lots of spare time on her hands, bas put 11,000 pieces of cloth into a bed quilt. A Flint well digger found a silver thimble twenty-five feet below the oarth's surface. But he hasn't found the woman who is supposed to have worn it some day in the fading past. A 3-year oíd daughter of Frank Davis, near Grand Rapids, while playing in her fatber's barn, pulled a hay rack upon herself and crushed her skull. Jeremiah Nickerson, a Sarnia citizen, and a naturally spry one too, attempted tó cross the Grand Truuk tracks at Lapeer ahead of a swiftly approaching train, and left a widow and two fatherless children to mourn his failure. It only took a jury five minutes to convic J. G. MeCaffrey, a Macomb county man, o perjury. The spryness with which the job was done may be accounted for because a Macomb jury never had such a case to tackle before.


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