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TKTEC.A.T IS SCROFULA It Js that impurity in the blood, whicb, accumulating in the glands ot the neck, produces unsightly lumps or swelltngs; which causes painíul running sores on the arnis, legs, or fcet; which developes ulcers in the eyes, ears, or nose, oltcn causing blindness or deafness; which is the origin ot pimples, cancerous growths, or the many other maniiestations usually ascribed to "humors;" which, fastening upon the lungs, causes consumption and death. Being the most ancient, it is the most general of all diseases or affections, for very (ew persons are entirely Iree trom it. TbTCURED By taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, which, by the remarkable cures it has accompllshed, often when other medicines have failed, has proven itselí to be a potent and peculiar medicine tor this dlsease. Some of these cures are really wonderful. If you suffer f rom scroíula, be sure to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. " Every spring my wife and children have been troubled with scrofula, sores breaklng out on them in various places. My little boy, three years oíd, has been a terrible sufferer. Last spring he was one mass of sores f rom head to f eet. I was advised to use Hood's Sarsaparilla, and we have all taken it. The result is that all have been cured of the scroíula, my little boy being entirely tree from sores, and all four of my children look bright and healthy." W. B. Atherton, Passaic City, N. J. Hood's Sarsaparilla SoldbyalldruggisU. Íl;slxforí5. Preparedonly by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecarles, Lowell, Ma. 1OO Doses One Dollar P WAGNER&BRO. Manufacturera oí t Carriiges, Wagons and Buggies. OÜB WORK IS FIRST-CLASS. lEPAiniKG in wsmm A SPECIALTY. 35, 37 and 39 First Street, .IÑntT ARBOE. TWT S1MFSON & CO. SIGN WRITERS AND DECORATORS. Flags & Political Banners a Speclalty. fjiHE QUESTION OF THE DAY. PROTECTION OR FREE TRADE? - Al Exnminiuion of the Tarift Qucutioi ■lth Eüpecial Regard to the Intereats of JLabor. BY HENRY GEORGE. CLOTH, 1.50. PAPER, 35 CENTS, This is the elearest, fairest, most interesting &n most complete examiaation of the tariff question ye made, and will prove invaluable to all who wish ti understand the subject. The most thorough inyestigation of the subject th has yet been put In type.- New York News. The appearance of this book marks anewepochh the world-Wide struggle for free trade. Henr Qeorge has a power of putting economie truths ii iuch a clear and limpiii language that any chilti car understand htra, while the most learned man can en toy the accuracy of his statements and the sugéestiveness of his thoughts.- Xhomas U. Shearmaj ín New York Star. A book which every workingman In the land cal read with interest and ought to read.- N'ew Yorl Herald. ■Whoerer wants to see the st rongest argument- noonly against protection, but against all tariffs - wil flüd It here. - Christian Union. The singular success of Mr. George is that he hai made pohtical ecouomy interesting. - Unitanan R WÊF Henrr George's Other Work. Progress and Poverty, cloth, $1; paper, S5 cent. Social Problems, cloth. 1; paper, 35 cent. The Land Question, paper, 10 cents, j Property In Land, paüer, 15 cents. I Addres THE STANDARD, 12 TJnion Square, ITew Tork. fin! Is given on trial and wariarurd to grive satisfartkm or money refunded. Chronic Cases a Sj)#iialty. O ffice No . 6 W as i ngton St. Over Kinsey & Seabolt's Sfore. Ann Arbor Bewar of Fiaml, as my name and the price arO 9tauiped On tht bottoru of all my auvertited shoes befor leavinir tlie factory, which protect the wearers against hig-h prices and inferior (rood. If a dealer fters W. I. Dou(rlas shoei at a reduced price, or saye he has them without my name and price stamped on th bottoni, put him dowm as a fi and. W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Jhe nly hne calf %i, Seamless Bhe n the world made vitHttnt tacks r nailst As stylish and durable a thosc $501 J6t and havinff n tacks or oaila to wearthc stockinporhurt the feet, mukes them is comfortftble and wcll-fittinp as a hand sewed she. Buy the btst. None. enuine unlesi stamped n bvttotn "W. I. Pouglus $, Bhoe, vrarranted.' "W. t,. BOUj(lai 94 Hhoe, the oririnaJ and onlv hand sewed welt $4 shoe, which equals custom made shoes from $6 to $q . W.I,.iu;Uh2 5 Shoe is unexcelled fr heavy wear. W. I.. nKlan %-m Wlie is wornby all boys, and is th best schl shoc in the world . All the abve ET ds are made in Congress, Button and Lace, and it n#t sold bv vour dealer, write V. I.. BouUh, lircktn, Mass. FOR SALE BY WILLIAli RHEINHARDT & CO SïïïYlARBOOKBB Futlrinfrmattoa. DíicukiIoq f freat problni, Etctt ta4tol d teaebitr ihould 1jt it. Iuthutin ia 1rl raak f Cligta. Tuitten fre. Ptag f Trar Rook foor ciiu. L. X. HIK, rUEJSlDÏNT, ALBIOK, MICB


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