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A. A. Terry is down with hay fever. J . H. Cutting started for Boston yesterday . Mrs. George Wahrspent Wednesday at Saline. S.C. Andrews has been at Paw l'aw this week. Hugh R. Jenkins was in Detroit last Saturday. YV.B.Kearns has been visiting at Dexter this week. Countv Treasurer Belser spent Sunday in Detroit. Mrs. S. 8. Blitz and children are visiting at Detroit. S. W. Twitchell, of Hamburg, is visiting D. Cramer. Miss Voigt, of Jacksou, is visiting Miss Ida Binder. Ed. Seyler is in Detroit this week on business and pleasure. Mrs. Henry Depue, of Pittsfield, is visiting her sister at Adrián. Doe Simonds is confined to his bed with cáncer in the stomach. Mrs. E. M. Gregory, of Chicago, is visiting Mrs. VV. W. Wines. Mr.John Turrel,of Chieago,is visiting bis wife in this citythia week. Mrs. Fred. Esslinger and family are visiting at Clinton this week. Mr. and Mrs. Will Brewer, of Saginaw, were in the city Monday. L. S. Lerch, of Preston's BanK, Detroit, spent Sunday in this city. Mrs. Eugene Fuller, of EastSaginaw, is the guest of Mrs. M. M. Green. Miss Pauline Hirth, of Perrysburg, O., is visiting Mrs. Henry Krause. Miss Bertha Miller returned Saturday f rom a two weeks' visit in Detroit. J. C. Watts, of East Saginaw, haa been visiting his family in the city. John O. Jeukins, an Argus employee, spent Sunday with Jackson friends. Miss Grace Gennelle returned Saturday f rom a three weeks' visit at Monroe. Mrs. Peter Tuite, of Detroit,'is visiting friends in the city dunng the week. Mrs. W. S. Banfield returned Saturday from a six week's visit at Muskegon. Miss Katie McGuire returned Saturday from a week's recreation at llush lake. D. J . Ross and family left last Monday for a week's recreation at Rush Lake. Theo. lleyer, of Detroit, has been visiting his mother on South Main Street. Miss Mate Clark, who has beeu seriously ill, is now able to be around again . Rev. Dr. Steele and family, who have been summering in Detroit, have returned. Jay McColl returned to his studies at the Michigan Agricultural College, Monday. Judge Harriman was attending to probate business in Bridgewater last Saturday Lee Stoinfeld, of Detroit, was visiting his aunt, Mrs. S. S. Blitz, in this citj. yesterday. Mrs. W. W. Watts returned Friday from Wayne where she has been visiting her sister. Fred Miller, who has been visiting in Detroit for the past two weeks, returned home Sunday. Mrs. C. H. Hand. of Romeo, is visitiuat her mother. Mrs. Wm. Merrithew, for a couple of weeks. Miss Mabel Gormley leaves this morning for Big Rapids, vhere she will teach the coming year. Miss Hattie Alles leaves this week for Coldwater, where she will begin teaching next Monday. Alex. Wetzel returned home Saturday from a two weeks' trip to Mackinaw and around the state. Miss Susie Harrington, of Detroit, has been spending a week with her aunt, Mis. Milo Fulclpher. Prof. George Renwick and wife have been visiting friends at South Lyon and vicjnity during the week. Trof. and Airs. Calvin Thomas and child returned Monday from a visit in the northern part of the state. Morris Lantz, with D.F. Schairer, is enjoying his vaoation in a camping expedition with Ypsilanti friends. Guy Kiefer, of Detroit, has been the guest of Sam. JLangsdort for several days. He left for home Monday, Miss Lillie Burchfield, who has been visiting at Youngstown, Ohio, returned last week, accompanied by a friend. Mis. W. G. Doty and son Ralph went to Manchester, Saturday, [expecting to be gone for a couple of weeks. The Misses Lizzie and Mary Miller are spending a few days with their aunt, Mrs. J. Schmid, in Northfield. The Misses Emma and Minnie Kemp er and Rosa Schneider returned last Fnday from a week 's sport at Rush lake. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stimson, of Toledo, who havebeen visiting relativos in this city, returned home yesterday . Mrs. Louis Blitz and childrsn, of Detroit, who have been visiting her sister in this city, returned home last Friday. "Toph." Schmid, of Grand Rapids, an old Ann Arbor boy, ran down this week to see the increase to our population. The Misses Pauline and Lizzie Schmid, who have been visiting friends in Detroit and Grosse Point, have returned home. Mrs. William Ilowlett, of Lyndon, is spending a few weeks vvith her daughter, Mrs. William Norgate, of Pittsfield. J. J. Goodyear and wife returned Tuesday from a two week's visit at his old home in Tompkins county, N. Y. Mr. Charles O. Townsend, of Saline, has accepted the position as professor of scieuce in St Johu's college Anapolis, Ind. Miss Anna Hadley has returned from Toledo, bnnging with her Miss Satie Dodge,',who will be üerguest for several weeks. Miss Emma Banfleld is in Mnskegon, where she has received an offer to teach in the public schools for the coming year. C. Donovan, who is in the employ of the U. S. government at Port Eads, is visitmg his father, P. Donovan, of the fifth ward. Miss Anna McKone, of Chelsea, has been visiting with her aunt, Mrs. M. J. Martin, on North Fourth street, the past week . Frank Vanderwarker returned Monday from a visitíto Ed. Hiscock, in Webster, where he has put in two weeks hunting and fishiug. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Duffy, oPi ttsburg, Pa., are visiting Mrs. Duffy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Gaelick, on north Main street. Henry Binder, Jr., of Detroit, has been spending his vacation at Whitmore Lake. and making occasional visits to friends in this city. Miss Libbie Mogk, of Liberty street, has for her guests the Misses Mary and Milly LocU and Milly Pipp, of Brighton, and Anna and Julie Myll, of Detroit. Miss Nettie Latson, of Webster, who has been ;teaching at Brighton for several years past, bas accepted a similar position in the school for the blind at Lansing. Mis. J. E. Wyman, nee Carrie Canwell, who has been spending a few days with her parents in this city, started for her new home, New York City, Monday morning. Emil Gwinner, of Toledo, who has been visiting his aunt, Mrs. J. Schmid, of Northfield, for the past five weeks, returned home Monday, accompauied by his cousin, Chas. Schmid. W. S. Gould, a gradúate ofthe literary departinent, now superintendent of circulation of the Detroit Free Press, was married Monday to Miss Edith L. Bleukiron at Parsippany, N. J. James Eaton, of Syracuse, N. Y.,is visiting in this city. Mrs. Eaton, who has been spending the summer with her mother, Mrs. J. Storms, of the fifth ward, will return home with him next week . George W. Millen made his final trip to Concord, on Saturday evening. When he returned Wednesday he assured the Argus that it was all settled and that congratulations would be in order afterSept. 20th. P. H. Donnelly, son of Joseph Donnelly, of this city, has accepted a clerkship with Messrs. McCaffrey & Sons, of Logansport, Ind. He left last Monday evening. Harry is a promising young man and his friends all wish him the best of success. J. F. Schuh, F. A. Howlett, C. H. Richmond, J. JL. Duffy, E. B. Pond, M. J. Cavenaugh and J. J. Kobisoa attended the democratie congressional convention at Adrián, Wednesday. They returned to Ann Arbor Thursday mormug about 2 a. m., driving back from Milan.


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