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The Democratie county convention has come aud gone, and to say that it it was f uil of democracy of every shape and kind would be putting it too mild. The ticket which they have presented to the electors of the county is one that vvill unite the entire democracy and draw votes from the other parties. All the morning the streets in the neighborhood of the court house were crowded with enthusiastic delegates, candidates and leaders of the democracy. The contest by the candidates to secure the delegates was conducted in a friendly marnier and good nature prevailed every until the sounding of the bell calling them together for the fray. The only new feature developed in the campaign was the withdrawal Of Judge VV. D. Harriman as a candidate for the uomination of judge of probatei and the appearance of Wm. G. Doty, probate register, in his place, on Tue3dav evening. Shortly after 11 o'clock the large crowd of delegates in the court room were called to order by Jacob F. Schulp chairman of the county committee, who stated the object of the convention to be the placing in nomination of a county ticket and the selectioh of delegates to the senatorial convention . Hon. James S. Gorman, of Lyndon, being 'elected temporary chairman made a few well chosen remarks thanking the convention for the honor which they had conferred upon him. He scored the fale doctrines of the republican party in a vigorous manner, showjng the falacy of their doctrines. He eulogized the statesmanship of President Cleveland and compared the position of the republican senate in their contest against him, in appearance to that of a mud hen whohpd.been diving for frogs. He paid compliment to Allen G. Thurman in calling him the cleanest statesman ever made and the greatest living opponent ot" the monopolist. To Wellington R. Burt he predicted a glorious victory, and he roundly denounced Gov. Luce for his policy Of kniflngJtheUniversity. Hethen closed and awaited the pleasure of the convention. Thomas F. Moran, of Manchester, was ehosen as temporary secretary. On motion of John V. Sheehan, the following committees were appointedby the chairman: Committee on Ciedentials:- John V. Sheehan, Ann Arbor; John Terns, Ypsilanti; John Spafard, Manchester. Committee on Permanent Organization and Order of Business:-M. J. Cav enaugh, Chelsea; Michael Duffy,Northfield; George Schwab, Ann Arbor. Committee on Resolutions: - Frank Joslyn, Ypsilanti; C. S. Gregory, Dexter; E. B. JSTorris, Ann Arbor. The convention then adjourned until 1:30 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. At the opening of the afternoon session, the comaiittee on ciedentials reported the following delegates as entitled to seats: Ann Arbor City: First ward- Gottleib Luick. J. S. Henderson, J. V. Sheehan, B. F. Watts, L. J. Liesemer. Second ward- Dr. J. Kapp, G. B. Schwab, P. McKernan, T. F. Hutzel. Third ward- George Clarken, Chris. Millman,Jerry Collins, C. Vogel. Fourth ward- Frank O'Hearn, George Mi lier, John O'Mara, John Carroll, Jr. Fifth ward- Frank Ortman, Oscar Spaflord. Sixth ward- C. II. Whitman, E. B. Ñorris. Ann Arbor Town- Henry Braun, J. J. Tarshall, Thomas Burlingame, Fred Haas. Augusta- W. R. Eussell, F. J. Hammond, F. D. O'Brien, Charles Schmidt. Bridgewater- James Hogan, Frank Johnson, Christian Saley, John Soutter. Dexter- William H. Arnold, Jfatrick Rabbit, Thomas McQuillan. Freedom- Charles Kalmbach, Mathew Schaible, Jacob Knapp, T. S. Flinn. Lima- W. H. Dancer, William Covert, J. A. Scbmid. Lodi- James Sage, Philip BI urn, Michael Eagan, James L. Clough. Lyndon- John Clark, Andrew Boyce, J. S. Gorman. Manchester- T. F. Moran, M. D. Case, J. F. Spafard, C. F. Kapp, B. F. Wade, N. Schmid, Wm. Koebbe. Northfleld- Nathan Sutton, Michael Dufly, Thomas Wall.Eugene Donegan. Pittsfield- Fred Harpst, Frank E. Mills, Charles H. Roberts. Salem- John Van Atta, George Renwiek, Thomas Shankland, Thos. Lane. Saline- John Gillftn, Daniel Klein, Edward De Tuy, John Schafer, George Feldkamp, G. M. Reynolds. ScioC. S. Gregory, G. W. Pratt, Patriek Fitzsimmoms, A. F. Hughes, Ed. Moore, William Aprill. Snaron- Lambert Gieske, A. II. Kuhl, William B. Osborn. Superior- Peter L. Gilí, Charles L. Downer, S. Bagley, B. F. Bennett. Sylvan- M. J. Cavenaugh, F. Sweetland, F. Kilmer, G. Grau, M. Merkle, M. Lehman, James Hagen. Webster- John Harris, J. Devine, J Armstrong. York- A. Davenport, A. S. Hayden Henry Coe, Jesse Warner, E. B. Hobbs Ypsilanti Town- George E. Roberts Harrison Rathruff, Caleb Eaton, Yf. W Voorhees. Ypsilauti City: First ward- George, i almer, George Ament, Geore , nire. Second ward- C. Li. Yost, VV [. Ilawkins. Third ward- Charles Villcoxson, Garrett Cross, ilenry T, ' ole. Fourth ward- L. M. Duggan, olin Shemeld. Fifth ward- George litche), John Terus, Frank Joslyn, C. k. .Nims. The committee on permanent organiation and order of business reported ecommending that the temporary ofcers be made permanent; alsoadopting he customary order of business. The eport was accepted. The committee on resolutions ' ented the following, vvhieh were dopted: The democracy of Washtenaw county n convention asernbled do resolve: First: That we cordially and heartily ! idorse the democratie national and tate platforms, and the honest, busiess-like administration of our courageus and patriotic president, Grover leveland. Second: That we should cease to raw by excessive and unnecessarv taxtion from the slender means of the oor and needy, enormous sums of noney to increase the already large sur)lus in the treasury, and still more normous sums to enrich monopolies, rusts, republican lumber barons, etc. Third: That the interest of the proucers and consumers of this county will best be subserved by a moderate eduction of the tariff, and the passage f laws prohibiting the formatiou of ,rusts of every description. Fourth: That we pledge a solid and inbroken democratie majority of 2,000 xr the democratie national, state, conressional and county tickets. Frank Joslyn, c. 8. gregory, E. B. Norris, Committee. The chairman then appointed L. J. Liesemer of Ann Arbor, N. Schmid of Manchester, and James Hagen of Sylan as tellers. The next order of business being baloting for candidates, a motion was made to proceed to ballot for JUDGE OF PROBATE. Hon. Charles S. Gregory, of Scio, riefly presented the name of William G. Doty, of Ann Arbor; J. J. Parshall performed a like service for E. B. Pond, of Ann Arbor; and Hon. C. R. Whitman gave the name of J. VV. Babbitt of Ypsilanti to the convention. Informal ballot: Wm. G. Doty 23, J. VV, Babbitt 91, E. B. Pond 6. Mr. Babbitt haying received such a arge majority of all the votes, on mo" ion the rules were suspended and he was declared the unanimous nominee. SHERIFF. Charles Dwyer of Dexter, P. ü'Hearn of Ann Arbor, Joseph Gauntlett of York, Michael Brenner of Manchester, and George Clarken of Ann Arbor were each presented to the conveution as candidates. ' First informal ballot: Clarken 36, Brenner 35, Dwyer 26, Ü'Hearn 13, Gauntlett ü, scattering 3. During the voting, a telegram was ■eceived from Willard Stearns, of Adrian, nominee for congress, reading as 'ollows: "Will run up on express. rvvo hours late. Get there two hundredaheadNov. 6th, however." A committee, consisting of J. F. Schub, and G. Luick of Ann Arbor, B. F. Gooding of York, and C. S. Gregory of Dexter. was appointed to receive Mr. Stearns and invite him to address the convention. Second informal ballot: Brenner 36, Clarken 35, Dwyer 26, O'Hearn 9, Gauntlett 6, scattering 5. First formal ballot: Clarken 41, Brenner 37, Dwyer 31, O'Hearn 9, Gauntlett 1, Hutchinson 1. No choice. Second formal ballot: Clarken 41, Dwyer 39, Brenner 37, Ü'Hearn 4. No choice . Third formal ballot: ClarKen 44, Dwyer 36, Brenner 35, O'Hearn 4. No choice. Fourth formal ballot: Dwyer 49, Clarken 39, Brenner 26, O'Hearn 5. No choice. The Manchester delegation then withdrew the name of Michael Brenner. Fifth formal ballot: D wyer 78, Clarken 41, blank 1. Charles Dwyer, having received the majority or the votes cast, was declared the nominee for sheriff. CLERK. When the nomination for county clerk came up, on motion the rules were suspended and the present incumbent, Fred A. Howlett, was unauimously nominated as the candidate of the convention for clerk. REGISTER OF DEEDS. James L. Stone, Michael Seery and S. VV. Beakes of Ann Arbor, Andrew J. Warren of Saline, and Bernard Kirk of Ypsilanti were successively placed in nomination tor this office, with the following result: First informal ballot: Seery 41, Beakes 27, Kirk 18, Warren 16, Stone 6, Mawly 4. F'irst formal ballot: Seery 53, Beakes 34, Kirk 18, Warren 14. No choice. Second formal ballot: Seery 63, Beakes 33, Kirk 8, Stone 5, Warren 5. Michael Seeryi having received a majority of the votes cast, was deolared the nominee for register of deeds. PROSECUTING ATTORNEY. M. J. Cavenaugh, of Sylvan, presented the name of Michael J. Lehman, oí Chelsea, which was seconded by the Freedom delegation. Frank Ortman )f the flfth ward, announced the t lacy of Mrs. Mary YV uiting and J ld that she be given permission to 1 Iress the convention. An objection i jeing made, this request was refused. ( !iathanSutton,of Northfield, presented i .he name of Thomas U. Kearney, which ,vas seconded in the oratorical effort of ' ;he convention by Louis C. Boyle, of Vnn Arbor. The result of the ballots ,vas as to uws: Fitst jvmal ballot: Lehman 70, [vearney 42, Mrs. Whiüns 8. Michael F. Lehman, having reeeived a majority )f the votes cast, on motion the rules veré suspended and he was declared he nominee for prosecuting attorney. TllHASUUEK. The nominations for treasurer were lacob Birkle of Lodi, Jacob Breiniug Of Freedom, Ilenry Paul of Pittsfleld, and :;ustave Brehm and W. J. Miller of A.nn Arbor. The result wasjasfollows: First informal ballot: Brehm 39, Miller 26, Paul 20, Birkle 19, Breining 14. First formal ballot: Brehm 52, Miller 51, Birkle 11. Paul 9, Breining 5. No ;hoice. The names of Messrs. Birkle, Breining and Paul were withdrawn. Second formal ballot: Brehm 66, Miller 33. Gustave Brehm, having reeeived a majority of the votes, was declared the nominee for treasurer. On motion, the rules were suspended and Patrick McKernan and Frank Joslyn, of Ypsilanti, were nominated for circuit court commissioners; Martin Clark, of Ann Arbor, and Dr. E. Batwell, of Ypsilanti, for coronéis; and Charles S. Woodward, of Ypsilanti, for surveyor. Fred A. Howlett, of Ann Arbor, and N. E. Button, of Northlield, were e'.ected delegates-at-large to attend the senatorial convention, af ter whieh the convention resolved itself into two districts and elected the balance of the delegates, with the following result: First district: E. B. Norris, George Schwab, Eugene Donegan, L. J. Liesemer, T. D. Kearney, B. F. Watts, J. L. Duffy. Second district : Frank Joslyn, Alfred Davenport, Jacob Knapp, Henry Paul, Jeny ü'Brien, X. Schmid, T. S. Flinn, II. .1. Burtïs. The convention then adjourned. During ternoon Willard Stearns, the congressional nominee for this district, and Hon. C. R. Whitman dehvered short addresses to the convention. WILLAHD STEARNS was presented to the convention by the chairman [and was greeted by cheer af ter cheer. He is a man of fine figure and good natured countenance, a ready talker who fires hisaudienee with the enthusiasm which he carries with him. Ilis address was interrupted by the frequent applause of the couvention. Mr. Stearns said: "Mr. Chairman and gentlemen of the convention; 1 cannot expressthe satisfaction which I experience in coming before this conveution of democrats in this veteran democratie county, a convention of fightiug men who never know defeat. I want to thank you now for the kind, hearty and sincera ereeting which the democrats, not only of this convention extended to me, but of the whole district. I did not come here to-day to speak to you, but to shake you by the hand and to get acquainted with you. I want to assure you that I am in for the fight and am going to do my best to win. I expect thejeampaign to be earnest, sincere and hard fought. That is what I like and what every democrat shonld like, as it means a fair and open fight in which we are sure of victory. I want to say to you that it is your duty to see that che demócrata on all the tickets have the full support of the party in this county. I want to say a word in relation to the republican party and the workingman . Did you notice that lt took the head of the republican ïparty, the uncrowned king, just eleven months to travel about over Europe and fiud out the exact condition of the f oreign working man while he has not been able to find out the condition of those in his own country in 55 years?, Did you hear his advocacy ;of "that neither President Cleveland or any other party had a right to interfere with them"? My opponent has sent [out the challenge that the Jcongressional campaign will be fought on the tariff, and on the tariff alone. Now, that pleasea me, and ïf he will stick to his agreeinent, I will be contented, and will meet him at every opportunity and bury him in the district under 2,000 majority. Li he gets off of the tariff question, I will put him backagain. He will have many questions to answer to the farmers and workingmen of the second district, anc if he keeps to his agreement and attempts to explain them, he will never go back to Washington to draw S5,000 of good democratie money each year and rmisrepresent the residents o: Washtenaw county and the second dis trict. The democrats of this county, I ünd are injforthe campaign in earnest, eacl man bein? supplied with the 40 room of ammunition and 60 days rationa. Ii ;uis countv you will be found with Major-General Manly in charge of the eft ilank, watching the enemy and deLeating them [at every point; Majorjieneral Schuh will have charge of tho right flank,with a solid Germán phlanx, Mid they can be depended upon to wacch the "local option" defenders and ?ee that none escape. Jiach man will be on the lookout for ttie enemy aud vigilant to the last. Now, my friends, I leave you, but I assure yon that I will be rejoicing with ym next November wheii the democracy of this county will have hanging to their belts, the scalps of 14 reoublicans on this county ticket, 13 or 14 more on the state ticket, and thousanda in the country."


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