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Boring for gas has commenced at Dundee again. The grist mili at Whittaker will bc run this winter. Mr. Gainsley has removed froni Tecumseh to Dundee. The Manchester fire department held a picnic Tuesday. Miss Alice Quackenbush will teach in the new Dixboro school house. Over 5,000 people attended the Milan camp meeeting on Sundav, Aug. 26th. Ga'ule & McCarthy is the name of a new black-smithing firm at Whittaker. The Manchester workingmen's society cleared over $200, at their recent nicnic. John Monahan, of Whitmore Lake has got the western fever and gone to Colorado. Erastus Samson, of Ypsilanti, has been in business for nearly fifty years and'is still at it. A cornet band of 13 pieces has been organized at Clinton, Fred Allen being the leader. South Lyon is to have a new fifty barrel flouring mili if the citizens will raise $1,000 bonus. The Southern Washtenaw Farmers' club hold a meeting at E. O. Allen's in Bridgewater to-day. The house and all the contents of D. C. Speirs, of Azalia, was totally destroyed by fire last Sunday. The corner stone of the new Methodist church, at Milan, was laid Jast Friday afternoon with appropriate exercises. Burglars made an unsuccessful attempt to blow open the safe at Van DeMark's hardware store, Clinton, last week Tuesday. Water works are being discussed in Ypsilanti. That's nght, follow us, but make your company contract to furnish pure water. Daniel Aylesworth, of Milan, lost a valuable horse last week. The horse got his head entangled in a rope and broke his neck. Misses Kittie and Mary Drew have retuined home to Detroit, aíter spending the summer with Miss Rose Howe, of Chelsea. The'machinery for the new Church and Office Furniture Co., of South Lyon, have been purchased and will be placed in position soon. James Sunderland, aged 70 years, who has been a resident of Dundee for the past 40 years, died last Friday of hemorrhage of the lungs. The South Lyon band are in need ofjust $100 to put them in good shape, and they are now calling upon the citizens oí that place for the amount. The congregationalists of Ypsilanti have secured the services of Rev. W. T. Beale, of Whitehall, as pastor, He begins his pa,storate P.ct. (sU Prof. D. A. Hammond, vvho was born in Vpsilanti thirty-three years ago and graduated at the Normal in 1S78, has just been made superin tendent ot the Charlotte schools. Charles W. McCorkle, of Yps lanti, in the employ of the Barne Bros., Detroit, was married to Mis Evelyn Barnes, the daughter of 011 of his employers, on Wednesday. As Eva Cah'll, of Green Oak, wa picking cucumbers recently, she dis cavered a large massauga snake She didn't shriek and faint, but piek cd up a fence-rail and quickly dis patched his snakeship. Eugenejohns, a prominent busi ness man of Souix City, Iowa, died at his home there on Aug. i4th, of mountain fever. The deceased was born and raised in South Lyon, where he was well thought of. Milán has not been short of entertainments during the past few weeks, with a tribe of Kickapoo Indians encamped on one side, and a campmeeting in full blast on the other. Both have been well patronized. An interesting gatheiingwas held at the residence of Albert Day in Milan, on August 21 st, four genera tions of the same family being seatec at thetable. The oldest of the family is seventy-one and the youngest a child of two. The pole raising at Sutton's Corners, in Northfield, on Tuesday of last week, was a great success. A fine pole was raised and speeches made by M. J. Lehman, Patrick McKernan and Mr. Bilbie. There was a good attendance. E. T. Walker, ot Salem, has nine sucking colts this season of his own raising, sired by his pure bred Percheron stalhon. He also has one brood mare that he reared from a colt that is 25 years okl and has her nineteenth sucking colt by her side at this writing. Cornwell fire company, of Ypsilanti, celebrated their fifteenth anniversary at their hall on Wednesday evening, Aug. A number of invited guests were present to assist in the destruction of the bountiful banquet which had been provided. Speeches were f made and songs sung, all tending to make the occasion enjoyable. As a load of Milán Democrats were home from the pole raising last Saturday anemoon the horses became frightened by escaping steam irom a T. & A. A. engine at the depot, and gave the occupants quite a little shakeup. No one injured and but little damage done. - Milán Leader. - Takes more than a little escaping steatn to kill off Democrats this year, as the Michigan Republicans will soon fiiid out. The Prohibitionists of Monroe county have also put a full ticket in the field, their candidates being as follows: Sheriff- Clark N. Miller, üf Rea. Clerk- Judson W. VanDeVenter, of Dundee. Treasurer - Moses C. Edwards, Milan. Register of Deeds- W. W. Hubbel, of Samaría. Judge of Probate - James C. Cntchett, of London. Circuit Court Commissioners - Frank Atkinson, of Grape, and William Miller, of Petersburgh. Coroners - Francis C. Lovoi, of Erie, and Daniel L. Deveé, of London. Representad ve, ist District - Joel S. White, oí Lambertville. 2nd District - Daniel L. Devee, of London.


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