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Oincinnati is all excitement. Her Centennial Exposition is "on." It is a celebration of one hundred days and nights in honor of the one-hundredth anniversary of the settlement of the Ohio Valley, and designed to show the rapid progress made in one ïiundred years since the flrst white man trod hei soil. Her citizens subscribed a million and fifty thousand dollars to defray expenses, and with part of this sum immense buildings have beenerected, whichincorijunction with the permanent Music Hall, which cost a million dollars, is capable of holding 8,000 people, furnishes nearly 900,000 square feet of space, all under one continuous roof, covering an area of forty-three acres. A dozen states areofflcially interested n the enterprise, the general Government has sent a magnificent collection of curios from Washington City, and n fact every detail has been carried out on the most liberal scale. The atractions embrace elegant displays in lorticulture, Agricultura, Machinery, ïextile Fabrics, Educational, Women's and Children's Departments, an Art Jallery made up of the masterpieces of he most celebrated artists, obtained 'rom private galleries in all sections of he land and all valued at $1.500,000. ind on electrical display in and about he vast series of buildings on a scale f prof useness and brilliancy never seen n this country before. As the railroads ïave reduced their fares to low excurïon irates, Cincinnati, for the next 'our months, will be a busy scène.


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