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The Oneida (N Y.) Union reports the memb...

The Oneida (N Y.) Union reports the memb... image
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The Oneida (N Y.) Union reports the membership of the New Vork state democratie league oí colored voters at 23,779. Wool went up in price after the house passed the Mills bilL Is this a good reason why the farmers should vote against Cleveland? Just wait till you hear the returns from old Washtenaw next November. The democrats are waking up and heavy gains will be made. Senator Gorman added to his reputation as an orator by his speech to the convention, Wednesday. He made an excellent presiding officer. And now the campaign has opened. It behooves every democrat to take off his coat and work. Let us roll up a big majority for ournational, state, congressional and county tickets. A tariff tax that gives the foreigner Carnegie an income of $5,000 per day and his workingmen an income of 94 cents a day is a tax that ought not to be tolerated in America. - Monroe Democrat. Allen ran fifty ahead of his ticket in Manchester township two years ago. Our advices are that Stearns will lead his ticket in that township this year and the democratie majority on the national ticket will be increased. The Argus has always favored an aggressive campaign. That is one of the reasons which makes the nomination of Willard Stearns for Congress an especially appropriate one. The war will be carried into the enemy's territory. John .N. Gregory will represent this district in the legislature this year. Last year he was chairman ol the board of supervisors. Next year he will be assisting in formulatïng the laws of this commonwealth. He is a good candidate and a good man. Blaine, Depew and i_,incoln, all recent republican candidates for president, have been in England recentlv, and all of them have laid in large supplies of clothing, which they can buy cheap in London, in order to " protect American labor." - Monroe Democrat. The editor of the Argus may not do work as a candidate this fall, but he has the privilege of making a redhot campaign paper, and he proposes that no man in the county of Washtenaw shall do more work for the success of the democratie party this year than himself. Each one of our readers can help this work by getting campaign subscriptions for tbe ArGUS. Mr. Stearns' short speech in the democratie county convention, Wednesday, was sufRcient to convince everyone that the democrats had found a candidate who would redeem the district. He is one who who will fight square and give hard, telling blows. Mr. Stearns need have no fear of Capt. Allen running ahead of his ticket in this county. - The democracy will be enthusiastic 1 and too much in love with their own candidate. The Ypsilantian is respectfully requested to read the article in our columns recently telling why Mr. Blake will vote for Cleveland. Remembering1 that Mr. Blake paid $9.25 and $6.75 duty, or $16, for a pair of English blankets, while his wife paid $8 for a pair of blankets of poorer quality, only half as large as the English blankets, it will be seen that the tariff increases the cost of articles made in this country and sold to American consumers. Why should our people pay a tax of $6.75 on $16 worth of blankets? Mr. Blaixe brought over with him from Europe thirty-two trunks. Mr. Blaine is one of those men who want American farmers and workngmen to pay high prices for goods to foster "infant industries" which are older than the buyers of goods, but evidently for his ovvn use he buys goods made by " the pauper labor of Europe." In other words, Blaine i something of an aristocrat. He don't believe that the people have any right to interfere with the trusts of the millionaire monopolists, probably because they are a privileged class as he is a privileged man,. But the American farmer and workingman has the right to buy in the same market as Blaine has. The mere fact that he is so taxed that he cannot afford the luxury of travel should not shut him out of that right. If it is good for Blaine to buy toreign goods, it is just as good for other people to do so. The general opinión of patriotic Americans regarding the president's recent message is well expressed by Judge Thomas M. Cooley, a lifelong republican, vvhose character and standing lend great weight to his words, when he says: "The message is unquestionably a masterpiece oí dignity and statesmanship. It is a document of great merit and will be likely to wield a great influence.'' As for the republican politicians, there is but one word which will describe their situation : they are dumbíounded. One moment they declare that "the president has come over to our side " and " has surrendered to republican pol'cy ;" the next, they declare that his position is untenable, and that the policy he proposes is preposterous. As for the republican press, its situation bespeaks the compassion of all tender-hearted men. The editors have not the slightest idea what the senators will finally conclude to do about it, and the chances are consequently even that if they fire off their guns in either direction they will slaughter their own fnends. - The Nation.


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