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Special meeting of the council next Monday evening. J. T. Swathel has been very sick during the past week. The first democratie pole was raised in Fredom lastMondav. Ed. O. Come has accepted a position at "Rosey's billiard hall. J. L. Stone is moving into the McMaster house on JeUerson atreet. A detachrnent of Cleveland "s caValary is being talked of in Freedom. VVm. Bates was sent to jail by Justice Frueaufi, Tuesday, for drunkeness. The Democrats of Salem expeet to raise a young hickory pole Saturday. The school census shows about 2,990 children of school age in the district. Electric lights will be used for lighting all the new stores on State street. Judge Iíarriinan refused to be renominated as one of the school trustees. The Chequamegon orchestra are reorganizing and getting in fine shape for '68-;89. W . K. Scott is acting as dnver for the express conipany for a couple of weeks. William Action, the eardener, bas moved to his new house on south State street. Yesterday Justice Pond gave "Bar. j nev" Morrison 30 days in jail for being diunk. Yesterday was the Jewish new years. 'hev did not observe it iu this city very enerally. At last work has cotnmenced on the ew stone walk in front of the opera ouse block. The Toledo & Ann Arbor railroad are o build a doublé track from this city to outh Lyon. The Michigan Central company will oon put an ornamental iron fence round the depot. M. C. Sheehan has reuted the rooms ver Watts' jewelry store and will open ental parlors there. The Republican congressional conention for this district will be held at Adrián on the llth inst. Christian Kayer killed a calf, last week, five and one-half months old which dressed 337 pounds. Hutzel & Co. have the contract for putting the steam heating appartus ino the Two Sanas' new store. An electric alarm has been put into )i. A. C. Nichols' office running to bis esidence in the Masouic block. The new scenery for the opera house s a big improvement and will add much o the enjoyment of the audiences. There were no services at the Hethohst church last Sunday evening. Rev. Campbell preached in the morniug. An auction sale of personal property was held by Thos. Flynn at Jacob Staeblei's, in Ann Arbor, yesterday. F. Eugene Yale has renten one of the tores in the new College block on State street and will open a branch tore. J . T. Jacobs of Welch Post has been appointed one of the aide-de-camps for he coming G. A. R. encampment at Columbus. J. F. Schuh is the recently appointed member of the Democratie congressional committee, of this district, from Washtenaw county. Eberbach & Co. have a fine exhibit of chemical apparatus at the meetings of he state ana American pharmaceutical associations at Detroit. The rink has been rented for headquarters for the democratie drill corpsand they will meet for drill every Tues'1 day and Friday evening. The youngest child of Fred Gerstner, of Detroit street, died Suuday right, of whooping cough. The funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon. John Koek, the foreman having charge of the erection of Judge Cheever's new store, and who has been very sick, is now able to be out. ü. M. Martin has purchased his brothers interest in the Martin homestead, en Liberty street, and is adding large porches and repairing the house. After the service at the Presbyterian church next Sunday morning, the society will hold a meeting in the audience room to consult about caliing a pastor. Everybody is requested to be on their good behavior during the next two weeks, as the pólice forcéis short-handed, Policeman Clark being on a vacation . A large Cleveland and Thurman banner has been strung across Huron street from the Franklin house to the rink, the headquarters of the Governor's Guards. _____ Monday, Justice Pond fined Silas Tolbert, colored, $2 and $4.90 cost for being drunk, ordering him to jail in default. The fine and costs were paid Tuesday. The Schaebischer Unterstuetzunge Verein will hold a dance and social at Germania Hall on Friday evening, Sept. 14 '88. The public is respectf ulh nTited. 2s'ext Sunday will be the last that itev. Dr. Kamsay will occupy the Methodist pulpit, [and his friends will be present in large numbers to hear his arewell. We have received complimentaries to he loth annual fair of the western kíichigan agncultural and industrial society to be held at Grand Rapids, Sept 17-21. Vol. l,No. 1, of the Luther Enternse, under the editorship of H. W. iewkirk, lately with the ïtegister, has )een received, and makes a very creditable appearance. The democrats of Milán will raise a 00 foot hickory pole tomorrow afternoon. Next-Congressman Stearns, C. H. Manly and J. W. Babbitt will address the crowd. The 40th annual iMichigan state fair vill be held at Jackson, next week, commencing Monday and continuing intil Friday. The exhibits promise to be large and the fair successful. Read in our editorial column what iudge Cooley, who we all know and respect, has to say upon the "flshery message", to the Nation, the strongest ndependent paper in the country. The democrats of this county are still raising poles, and another pole will be raised on the Whitmore Lake road, three miles north of this city, next Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'cloek. There is not much questioning the democracy of Dr. John Kapp, [when you see.jhim driving by with a horse planket made of four bandana handkerchieves, and a lap robe of the same. ííearly all the city f unds, excepting those belonging to the various wards, are already overdrawn, and unlesssome )rovision can be made the warrants will have to be held until nextFebruary. While the family of Warren Wad ïams, of west fluron street, were absent recently, the house was broken nto and the contents of one of the children's banks, amounting to $1.10, aken. Ann Arbor is coming in for her share i of politieal appointments thia f all. 'Dick" Kearns, deputy register of deeds, has been appointed to the 1 way postal service and left tor work j ast Monday. - - i Mrs. Jemiie Merihew, wife of S. W. 't Meribew, of Superior, died Sunday, , aged 17 years and 9 months, liaving . been married less than a year. The funeral was held Monday afternoon at Leland's church. ■ i George McDougal.of Superior, was appointed secretary of the board of count5 school f examiners, Lyesterday. Judge H arriman and Mr. Wheeler voted for him and Mr. Lehman voted for his partner, Mr. Cavenaugh. Ilarold Hovey Ciernen ts, the three year oíd son of Mr. Ed. Clements, of Bay city, died Tuesday at the residence of his grandf athèr, Mr. J ames Clements on State street. The remains were taken to Bay City, Wednesday. The reunión of theold First Michigan Infantry, three months and three years men, will be held at Jackson, on Sept. llth, at 3:30 p. m.,atG. A. R. hall. As a number of the members are residents in this vicinity, they will attend. St. Andrew's society have purchased the lot next north of their property, on the corner of División and Lawrence streets for $1,600. They will erect a new house on the propetty to be occu. pied by the sexton of the church. Arrangements have already been made to open the congressional campaign in earnest, and VVillard Stearns will meet Capt. Allen in a joini discussion at Britton, Lenawee county, on the lOth. inst. Capt. Allen bas our sympathy. John vr.llunthas in his possession two oíd Harrison meláis which he prizes very highly for their antiquity. It is unnecessary to rem ark that John doesn't vote for the "grandson of lns grand father", however, juston account of the medals. A fine hickcry pole will be raised Detween 6 and 7 o'clock this eveniug, in front of Luick's planing mili, corner of Fifth and North streets. Speaking will follow. The members of the drill corps will meet at the rink at 7 o'clock, to attend the meeting. The national encampment, G. A. B., cominences at Columbus on Monday and continúes during the week. Welch post will leave on Monday with about fifty members. The far there and res rum is but $3.40, the rate beiug lesthan one-half cent a mile. Congressman Allen, foreseeing a strong probability of his not being called upon to serve this district again, bas engaged handsome new offices in 'the new ',bank building at Ypsilanti. Nothing like being prepared for these sudden changes. A prominent citizen informs the Argus that while passing through the campus last Sunday morning, he saw a number of small boys, between8 and 12 years old, sitting under a tree playing cards. Such a thing should not be permitted, especially right under the shadow of our great University. Keep off the grass on tbe court house lawn. Notices have been posted to that effect. LOSenders will be arrested under the city ordinance which prescribes a fine of S5. The ordinance will be strictly enforced and an effort made to resuscitate the lawn. The republican county convention has been calledfor Sept. 18th. To interest all the republicans in the county and give all a chance to attend as delegates, the number of delegateshas been increased to 140. Ann Albor city is entitled to 24 delegates and Ypsilanti to 18. As William Taylor, a well-known farmer of Ann Arbortown, living south of the city, was leading a vicious buil, Monday, the buil suddenly jumped on Mr. Taylor and gored him badly. Three ribs were broken and his lung injured but it is not thought that his injuries will be fatal. The Aun Albor Improvement company held a meeting Tuesday evening to consider the best method ot disposin? of the "'Capsule Factory" property, in the Second ward. It' was finally decided to sell it to the highest bidder at 2 o'clock next Monday afternoon, on the premises. Mrs Elizabeth Gilbert. widow of the late Norman Gilbert, died at the residence of her son, Heiiry, on Oatherine street, labt Friday, aged 78 years. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon, a large number of friends and relatives from Ohelsea, her formsr home, being present. The five sous of the deceased acted as pall-bearers.. Another subscription for Grover Cleveland Chapel, must have been secured. The presiding eider of the world was toting a watermelon as big as a washtub, along Cross street, last Sunday. - Ypsilantian. - That's all nght. What is better as a religious instrument among the colored race than a large watermelonV The Milán base ball club carne to this city last Friday afternoon, flushed with yictory, as they had not lost a game during the season. They returned crestfallen, however, as the Browns defeated them by a score of 7 to 6, in a hotly contested 11-inning game. The batteries were Mahanay and Spokes for the home club and Hinckley and Booth for the visitora . L.ll UL1K TiWiVVAM. The plans for the depot which the Toledo & Ann Arbor companv wish to build here, have arrived. Thev say the building will cost $3,500 . It may be so, but in style and beauty it resembles the buildings often put up by some of the railroads at stations, where the trainsstop only on signáis. Do our citizens '„want to pay over $2,000 to open up a street to sucu an inferior depot? Duriug the month ol August, the mail carriers of this city delivered and collected the following pieces of mail: Letters delivered, 36,749; registered letters delivered. 84; newspapers, etc, deliered, 33,574; postal cards delivered, 8,246; local letters collected, 972; mail letters collected, 15,341; local postal cards collected, 507; mail postal cards collected, 4,199; uewspapers, etc, collected, 1,386, making a total of 78,635 pieces delivered and 22,405 collected. About 200 of the old pioneers of this county gathered at Relief park on Wednesday to celébrate their annual picnic. The day was spent in pleasant reminiscences of the olden time and ■ was greatly enjoyed. Addresses were made by Rev. S. II. Adams, of this city, and Mr. Finley, of the Meteorological 1 bureau, Washington; J. W. Win?, of Scio, and Wm. Lambie; of Superior, i read original poems: The necrologist reported a list of over 60 of the old } members who have past way cturing 3 the year. The following offlcers were i elected: Conrad Krapf, president; J. l VV. Wing, secretary; E. Sampson, t treasurer; E. D. Lay, necrologist.