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ASTS AKBOR BUSINESS DIRECTORY ATTORNEYS. riHAUNCEY JOSLYN, ATTORXEY AT LAW, f& Office otek the Postoffice. p E. WJLLIAMS, ATTORXEY AT LAW, MILAN, MICH. Conveyancing; and CollLCtions. U B.NOKR1S, Attorney at Law. Does a general lnw collection and conveyan Ing business. A moderate share oí your pa ronafre respectfuUy solicited. Office in th dourt House. KRAMER & CORBIN, J ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Ann Aebor, Mich. Special attention to Money and a Financial Mattere. AUCTIONEERS. ÜREÜERICK KRAUSE AUCTIONEEH. Will attend to all sales on ehort notice a reasonable charges. For further particular oall at the Arous office. BOTTLERS. IVARTIN & FISCHEE, PROPRIITOnS OF THE WESTERN BREWEBY ANN ARBOR, MICHBrewers of Pure Lager Beer. rpOLEDOBOTTLING WORKS. I have the sole ageney in this city for GBASSEK & BRAND'S CELEBRATED PILSENER AND BOHEMIAN BEER, And am now ready to deliver to any part o this city by keg, pailón, quart or pint bottle free of charge. The same beer is 60ld at m business place. No. 4 Detroit Street, by glas or bottle; also the best oí liquors and wino and ctgars. Respectfully A. G WINNER, No. 4 Detroit St. CARRIAGE WORKS. fi ARRIAGE M ANUFACTURY & PAINTING. Cor. Detroit and North Street. I have in my employ one of the bestcarriage painters in the state, and invite all vrho have a carriago, bugsy or Bleigh to be repainted in a workmanlike manner, to cali at the old reliabie carriage shop of A. R. SCHMIDT. 1 car liso show you a flrst class ROAD CART of my own make at reasonable prices. DENTISTS. W W. NICH0LS D. D., DENTIST. In the old St. James Hotel Block. Teeth extracted without pain by the use o vitalized air . GROCERIES. yT lodholz, WHOLE9ALI & RETA IL DEALER IN ALL GOODS SOLD BY GROCERS Nos. i and 6 Broadway -A-OSriCNr .A-IRZBODE MICH. WEKNKK & BKENNEK . DEALERS INv Stapl.a and Fancy Erceeries , Butter, Eggs, Cheese. TOBACC]OS,CIGARS AND ALL SMOKERS ARTICLES. Pure Teas, Pure Coffees, Pure Spices. 16 Main St., - - Akn Ardor. JUSTICES OF THE PEACE. T?LIHU D. POND, JüSTICE OF THE PEACE And Notary Public, No. 6 North Main Street. Oolleetions promptly made. Agent for the Union Insurance Company of Caliiornia. Fair rates. Prompt payment of losses. 19- tf LIVERY BARNS 1VT M. GREEN, A New and Useful Intention. Patent Heater and Lanter. An absolute necessity for any one travelling in a buggy, carriage, wagon, cutter, sleigh, milk and delivery wagon Inyaluable foi hacks and omnibuses. It is a perfect security from flre. NO matches being required to instantly light the lantern without disturbitig the globe. Kain and wind will not affect it. Gives a nice light to drive by. 17 NOKTH FOUETH ST. IJ KITREDGE, No. 6 Wist Ann Street. lIYERÏ.HACKAJDBAGfiAGE LINE, In the rear of Edward Duffy's jfcocery store. Haok to all tratas, day and night. Orders for trains, parties, weddings and funerala promptly atteuded to. Telephone, 108 Ann Arbor Mich. in VERYTHING NEW -ATW. G. SN OW 'S LIVERY STABLE NO. 21 NORTH MAIN STREET. BEST TURNOUTS IN THE CITY Funeral Attendance a Specialty. - .... Telephone connection, , . t


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