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Carriages, Wagons And Buggies

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P WAGNEH&BRO. Manufacturers of OCR WOKK IS FIRST-CLASS. IEP.1I1HG AI IWRSESIWEISe A SPECIALTY. 35, 37 and 39 First Street, SIMPSON & CO. SIGN WRITERS AND DECORATORS. Flags & Political Baxmers a Specialty. npHE Ql'ESTION OF TUE DAY. PROTECTION OR FREE TRADE? An Examination of the TarilT )uestioi ■v ïih EHpccial Regard to tbe IntercHts of JLabor. BY HENRY GEORGE. CLOTH, $1.50. PAPER, 35 CENTS, This is the elearest, fairest, most interesting anc most complete examlnatlon of the tariff questfoD ye" made, and wlll prove invaluable to all who wish t understand the subiect. The most thorough investlffation of the subject thahas yet been put ia type. - New York News. The appearance of this book marks a new epoch II the world-wide struggle for free traUe. Henr; George has a power of putting economie truths li uch a clear and limpid languaLe thatany child car understandhlm, wli íle the most ïearned man can en Joy ihe accuraov of liis statements and the sugrestiveness of his thoughts.- Thomas G. Shearmal lii New York Star. A book Tchlch everyworkingman tn the landeai read with interest and ought to read. - Sew Yorl Herald. Whoever wants to see the strongest argumont - ncr Only agalnst protctton, but agatnst all tarlffb - wil ind it here.- Christiau Dnlon. The singular success of Mr. George is that he hai made political economy interesting. - Unitanau Ke Tiew. !■■ Henrr Georire' Other Work. Profress and Poverty , cloth, $1 paper, S5 cents. Social Problems, cloth. $1; paper, 33 cent. The Land Question, paper, 10 cents. . Property la Land, paoer, 13 cents. Addreu THE STANDARD, 12 Union Square, Nw Tortc.


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