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The Southern Washtenaw Farmers' Club

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The Southern Washtenaw Farmers' Club met at the resideuce of E. O. Alen, of Bridgewater. The weather was cool and dry, yet a slight shower carne up just in time to catch many on their way to the meeting. Mr. Allen's resideuce is at the extreme southeast part üf the district included in the club limts, yet quite a large number were present from Sharon and Manchester. In due time the president called the meetng to order. A report of committees was called for. C. M. Fellows reported for the committee on programme by presenting the programme as printed. ijpon motion of Ilenry Talmer, the report was accepted and adopted. The president called upon Mrs. Allen for a select read ing, butshe being busy entertaining gijests Miss Hess read a selection for her and also sang a solo, whichwas highly appreciated. Mrs. Lowery read a selection in place of an essay from Mrs. Calhoun. The subject for discussion was then announced: "Grass is king. How to secure more of it or find a substituto." G. S. Ttawson rendered his paper ia Li i usual ly happy way. He thought a good meadow of great importancè to the farmer. More attention should be given to stock raising. Wheat raising was exhaustivo to the soil; low lauds well underdraiued are becoming the most valuable because of their graater adaptatiou to grass growing. In the discussion which toüowed, O. M. Fellows thought the extreme drouth of the past three seasons had made the farmer more than ever feel the value of grass; clover seeding had been a failure on many farms and a substitute must be sought; he thought rye made good pasture, but had not experimented in plovving under as a lertilizer. Richard Green thought when clover and seediug did not catch, the land should rest just tlie same and not be replowed and re cropped. B. G. English had found it very beneficial to sow timothy on spots where seeding had failed and dratt. Mrs. Morgan's fields lightly seeded should remain for improvement. J. G. English, Ileury Palmer, A. Hitchcock, I). VV. Palmer, II. C. Calhoun, W. YV. Hess, D. G. Rose, Jas. Kressand others spoke upon the topic. C. M. Fellows proposed the names oL Martin Wallace and wife and Mrs. Morgan as members of the club. Upon motion of Heary Palmer, the rules were suspended and they were uuanimously elected members of the S. W. Y. C. Upon asimilar motion, Jas. Kress and wife were elected. The meeting theu adjourned, and after refresuments and a short visit all sought their respective homes.


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