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Away back u i 885 a burglary as committed at Otisville, and on one day recently, the quartet who are supposed to have doue the burgüng, were takeu tow. They were somewhat surprised thereat, thinking that the matter had been forgotten and dropped, but it seems that an oflicer had bis weather eye out for 'em all the time. The atmosphere of Muskegon's bastile is said to be so unhealtby for tue people who board there, that it is deemed necessary to renovate the place with a steam fan. The Plaiuwell fair folks evidently appreciate favors received from the press, as they acknowled'e on the back of the complimentary press tieketi sent uut that the paper receiving it has "proba bly paid for it ten timea over," and ures the recipiënt to come and have a good time. Bronson Methodists took in forty new mombers on a recent Sunday, and then found little difficulty in raising a balauce of $100 on the parson's salary. Nelsou North, an aged Corey citizen, wbila teading a cow to water was run over by the frisky animal and seriously injured. The Wonderland theatre at Grand Rapids, was closed by the pólice the other night whils a play was in progress. The play was all right, but the building was considerad unsafe and liable to take a tumbía with the audience. O. D. Thompson has been school superintendent at Romeo for the past eleven years, and has filled the position so acceptably that the folks there don't care to try a change. Some Waterf ord sinnersalted L. L. King's cattle with paris green, and eleven of them have been laid away beneath the daisies. Albion Methodists laid the corner-stone of a new church edifice on the 4th, to cost $35,000. It is calculated to seat 1,500 people when completed. Postiuaster Robinson, of the Elgin, Ottawa county, office was recently asked to explain certain little irregularities in his eonduct thereof. It seems that the office only gets one mail a week, and the genial postmaster thought the government couldn't be in any great hurry for reports of the business transacted, and so let 'em slide. The remains of the late Bishop Samuel S. Harris, who recently died in England, arrived at Detroit on the lst for buriaL The blacksmith shop of the Datroit Dry Doek company at Wyandotce, containing $15,000 worth of material, burned on the )st. The building was 50x100 feet, and insured for $1,500. Albion college will try its hand at a chair of oratory, but she'ü have to hurry up if she expects to turn out orators for the campaign. The farmers in the neighborhood of East Saginaw are burnishing up their old shotguns preparatory to giving the gang of thieves a reception who have been levying on their calves, sheep, geese, ducks, chickens and sich, o' dark nights. Hannah Walsh has invoked the aid of the Wayne circuit court to compel Michael Murrily pay her $5,000 because Mike backed out when Hannah had ter mind all made up to wed. John Wood, of Thomastown, is said to own the largest flowing well in the state. It is 154 feet in depth, throws a threeinch stream continuously. and sends up stones the size of hickory nuts. E. Germain & Co., of East Saginaw, are said to own the largest planing mili in the United States. The firm employs 264 hands, and have just begun the erecüim of a new warehouse 75x!10 feet, six stories in height. We needn't go hunry this year as salt and potatoes are both cheap. nearly 500,000 barrels of the former commodity having been turned out in Michigan during the month of August. Some thief helped himself to $140 from the cash dra wei' at the Belding depot, while the agent was at supper the other evening. Jackson has voted to invest $65,000 in the Smith purifier works, or rather donatos that amount to retain an inslitution that has grown up within her borders. A Detroit man has presented the State university with a fi ve-foot rattlesnake. Queer sort of present that. We are foreibly reminded that this is a dry season by the statement of a Grand Rapids paper that the sixty officials of that line, who recently took a free trip to Mackinac, carried along forty kegs of beer to properly moisten the occasion, An East Saginaw plumber has assigned for the benefit of his creditors. This is the last bit of conclusivo proof necessary to clinch the of t-repeated statements in reference to the millionaire plumber. An exploding lamp fired the home of Louis Brown, near Crystal Fall. Mrs. Brown was fatally burned, but Mr. B., who safely got out, returned for his money and perished iu the Dames. The six ebildren of the family escaped unharmed. Fire and water damaged the River Park hotel, atWyandotte, $10,000 worth at noon on the ?th. The house was run as a summer resort hotel, but most of the guests had returned to their homes. J. W. Loree, a Fenwick genius, comes to the front with a brand new potato digger that sorts and delivers that vegetable into crates ready for market, with narry a backache for the operator. Mr. Gilmore, an employé in the saw-mill of William Smith, at Eaton Rapids, took a nap on the big drive belt, but the mili was started before William awoke, crushing him to death instantly. A Jackson man started a saloon some fiye or six weeks ago and proved so good a customer of his own goods that he's har vested a full grown erop of the jim-jams. Nintzer's mili dam, at Newaygo, took a trip down stream on she 9th, carrying away the C. & W. M. railway bridge, necessitating the transfer of passengers at that poiut. Loss, $10,000. While George Havekost and family, Prenchtown folks, were at church, four tramps ransacked their house, but f ailed to find a large sum of money that was well secreted. When George returned and saw bow the land lay, he shouldered bis shotgun and captured three of the marauders, landing them in the calaboose. AFlintjury who were unable to agrea on the case of Jennie Lenant, charged with being a dlsorderly character, made up a purse and shipped the girl to her Canadian friends. Kind-hearted jurymen. White Lake has a Presbyterian parson who located there twenty years ago, and he's such a good talker that the folks continue to keep him at the same job. Willie Brown, a Cadillac boy of 9 summers, has a daily task to hunt up the family cow at night that roams in the woods at her own sweet will. But one day the cow had roamed farther than usual, and as darkness enveloped the land Willie was far from hom and without the object of his search. So he ate some berries for supper and made a bed of some boughs, sleeping soundly all night. Whenfound the next day by hig father he was still patiently searching for the lost cow. Teller Waldrou, of the Hillsdale (Mich.) Savings bank, it is now learnod, sailed for England on the steamer Parisan, with 000 of tbe bank's funds and a vvoman supposed to be Mrs. Bidwell. The Lowoll (Mich.) National bank was closod by Bank Examiner Nash for failure to promptly meet rediseounted paper.


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