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Dr. Leonard Wallington, veterinary surgeon, died in Lodi, Monday, aged 75 years. Some time ago he was stiïcken with paralysis, which was the cause of his death. About fifty years ago he took up the land adjoining the farm on which he died. His son has been a trusted employee in the Michigan Central office at Detroit for many years. Some miscreant8 entered the house of George Weimer on Traver street, in the flfth ward. last Saturday, during the absence of the family, broke a number of dishes and scattered the provi3ionsaround. Mot content with this, they took the canary bird out of its cage and pulled out both its legs. Such wanton cruelty deserves the severest punishment. A fine hickory pole was raised in front of Luick Broa.' planing mili in tlie fourth ward last Friday evening. The band was out and rousing speeches were made by M. J . Lehman and Capt. C. H. Manly. ïhey held the large crowd which gathered to the end or their remai'ks. It is such meetings as this which are doing a great deal of good in this campaign. The plans for the new T. & A. A depot now in the possession of the recorder cali for an exceedingly plain, one story frame depot, without ornamentation and without the slightest pretence of architectural beauty. It is to be a plain building 25x68, with five Windows and two doors in front and two windowi on the sides. The plans should be seen to be appreciated. Charles D. Herrick was formerly in the grocery business ia this city. He was consumptive and some five years ago, accompanied by his wife and daughter, removed to Florida for his health. He recovered this and went into the livery business at Jacksonville. Intelligence bas been received here that Mr. Herrick, his wife and daughtei were all three stricken down with the yellow fever last week and all died. A large muss meeting at Milán occurred last Saturday afternoon, after the raising of a hickory pole, addressed by Willard Stearns, who made an exceed ingly logical and eloquent presentatioi of the tariff issues of the present cam paign. [lis speech was an instructive one and did a gre&t deal of good. In the eveniug Capt. C. E. Manly address ed an open air meeting in front of the Babeock House and made some telling points. The Democrat of last week broadlj intimates that. the Akgus "reporter man" was drunk because he did no know where "West University" avenue was. VVell, it may be so, but we have searched our city directory and inter viewed a number of our old citizens some of whom perhaps may not have lived here as long as the Democrat re porter however, and they are as ignorant as the Argtjs is. If the "reporter-man" of the Democrat was not a woman, it might be thought that she had neglected tofollow theadvice given by the Democrat itself . Tuesday, llth, at the residente of the bride's parents, Mr. and Airs. T. F. McDonald, occurred the marnage of their daughter Flora to Dr. D. Pierce, Rev. Dr. Ramsay officiating. The bride graduated from the University in '83, while Dr. l'ierce will be remembered as having taken special work in the literary department in '82-3. He however took both lus literary and medical degrees in the University of Pennsylvania. The happy couple will be at home to their fiiends after Sept. 18th in McKeesport, Fa., where the doctor has been located for the past two years.