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Yale will run abranch news stand on State street. Remember the grand democratie rally Tuesday eveninc;. A. F. Martin is president of the sixth ward republican club. The republican county convention will be held next Tuesday. The democrats of the flfth ward will raise a large pole next week. Thomas Reilly haa been granted an increase of pension by Uncle Sam. Henry Gaumor, of Saline, has been granted a pension by Commissioner Black. Mr. and Mrs. Con Turmey celebrated the arrival of a daugbter Wednesday eveiiing. "Waif of the Storm" will be playedat the opera house fair week and will open the season . The Chequainegon orchestra will f urnish the music for the grand opera house this season. A game of base ball is beingarranged between the high school nines of this city and Ypsilanti. Nelson Sutherland is building a brick bakery in the rear of his store on West Washington street. Prof. A. Hennequin will give fall and winter courses in Frenen in Detroit beginning October firet. The uniforms of the Cleveland Guards are expected to be given out at the club meeting this evening. Tuesday evening is the time for the regular monthly meeting for the Business Men's Association. Ottmar Eberbach has been elected one of the vice-presidents of the state pharmaceutical society. Mr. John Harris, Sr., íor many years a resident of this city, died of spinal disease in Detroit on Tuesday. The railroads will give reduced rates to the county fair in this city, one and a third f are for the round trip. Douglas Campbell, who graduated here in 1882, has been appointed professor of botany in the Indiana univeiáity . The democratie convention for the second representativo district will be held in Saline, Saturday, September 22Bev. M. S. Woodiuff, of Big Rapids, has accepted a cali as rector of St. Luke's Episcopal ehurch at Ypsilanti. Kev. Win. Galpin held memorial services for Bishop Harris in St. James church in Dexter last Sunday morning. A South Thayer streec couple, after givine; marriage lite a whole monh's trial, have decided to give it up as a bad job. are going uuusually quick this year owing to the dry weather. The Crawfords will be gone m two or three days. Willie Schleicher, ritteen years old, feil trom a tree near the ï. and A. A. track last Monday breakiug au arm and a leg. Kev. VVm. Galpin will hold divine service with sermón, in Delhi, at the school house, Sunday afteruoon next at 3:30. Sheriff Walsh must have been highly delighted last week to have fouud bis name in a county contemporary spelled Waltz. An effórt is being made to get the new T., A. A. and JSI. M. depot on land owned by D. Hiscock in the third ward. Sixty bushels of peaches were shipped through the express office last Monday, the flrst good day for peach shipments this year. The ice cream parlors and soda water fountains have been but little patronized this summer. It has been too cold for them . About thirty-flve members of the Grand Army from this city attended the encampment in Columbus, Ohio, this week. Stearns, Allen and Fellows, the congressional candidatos, were all classmates in the Ypsilanti normal some years ago. Company A will go to Whitmore Lake Saturday evening, forty-five strong, with the city band. They will remain over Sunday. A. J. Sawyer and Joe T. Jacobs are meutioned in connectiou with the republican representativo nomination for this district. Fred Henne has removed his grocery store from Saline to this city, stocked with new goods, and will open on Main street to-monow. Tred Schmitt, a stone cutter, was found drunk on the streets last Sunday and lined by Justice Pond $1 and $4.95 costs, which he paid. The A. M. E. conference bas appointed fiev. G. B. Pope to tbe Ann Arbor church, and Rev. J . 11. Miller to the Ypsilanti church. Chairman Schuh of the democratie county committee has furnished over üfty banners for poles raised by the democrats of the county. Cards are out announcing the marriage next Thursday of George W. Millen, of this city, to Miss Jessie C. Wetmore, of Concord, Michigan. A bet of $100 by a well known democrat of this city was made with a Monroe man, Monday, on the general result of the pre8idential election. Conrad Krapf has been elected pres, ident of the pioneer society, J. W. Wing, vice-president; E.Samson, treasurer and E. D. Lay, necrologist. At a pole raising in Wlnttaker. Wednesday afternoon, addresses were made by VVillard Steams, and J. VV. Babbitt. ïhey were good ones too. The Crawfords have been considered the tender peaches. Strange to say, the Crawfords are ahout the only good peaches ia this section, this year. Rev. Mr. Biddle, of Hartford, Conn., who preached in the Congregational church last Sunday, will conduct the services there again next Sunday. H. J. Brown was last week elected secretary of the state pharmaceutical society at a salary of $225 and will edit the proceedings ef the association. The Ann Arbor ball nine which went down to Milan last Saturday returned with the scalps of the Milan nine dangling f rom their belts. Score 9 to 8. Charles F. Staebler, an old Ann Arbor boy, will be married in Omaha, Nebraska, on Wednesday, September 26, to Miss Virginia B. Allibert, oí that city. Papers from students in the Dharmacy department were listened to with attention at the meeting of the American pharmaceutical association last week in Detroit. Walter Toop will move into his State street bakery next week. Mr. J. Brewer, his brother-in-law, will run his present store on North Main street as a branch store. There are seventy saloons in the county, nineteen less than last year. The total amount of tax collected by the county treasurer from dealers in liquor was $29,225. An oil lamp near some old papers in the Register bmdery last Saturday night, called out the fire department. The flames were extinguisned before any damage was done. Vreeman P. Galpin, Jr., infantsonof Morris Galpin of Dixboro, died of cholera infantum last Friday, aged four years anü seven days. The funeral services were held Sunday. The Schwaebische Aid Society give an opening dance at Germania Hall this evening. Music will be furnished by the city band and orchestra and a general good time will be bad. Opera house spectators this season will be delighted with the new sceuery, which is being put in at considerable expense. The stage opening is now one of the prettiest in the state. Probably the only chance the demoerats of Ann Arbor will have to listen to our next congressman during this campaign will be next Tuesday eveniug. His speech will be a masterly one. A 118-foot po'e was raised by the democrats on the Whitmore Lake road about threemilesfrora the city Wednesday evening, and rousing speeches were made by Messrs. Manly and McKernan. The Ann Arbor Greys play a game of base ball on the campus at half past two to-morrow with the Milan nine. It will be a hotly contested oue, as each team has won one game from the other. The buildings on the fair grounds are being ütted up for the coming fair. The greatest change is being made in the poultry department, in which there will be much better accommodatious than before. M. Noli was thrown from Goetz' delivery wagon on Miller avenue, Tuesday, while going home with groceries. by the horse becoming trightened and running away. He was injured about the shoulders. M. C. Sheehan has so!d his dancing school on State street to Ross Granger. Mr. Sheehan is fitting up a dental office over Watts' jewelry store and is in a position to relieve our readers of troublesome molars. The junior class of the high school elected the following oüicers Tuesday: President, Alfred B. Connable; vicepresideut, Frillie G. Beckwith; secretary, Grace E. Anderson; treasurer, Marcus C. Boylan. The Livingston Democrat has the aistance between Ann Arbor and Saline figured down fine. In speaking of the raising of twenty-five poles on the gravel road it said that made one pole raised for each mile. Barney Morrison was brought Defore Justice Pond on Thursday of last week for his third offence as a disorderly person. He was fined $10 and $5.65 costs and committed to jail, in default of paymeut, for thirty days. Miss Lucy E. Whiting, who lived in Pittsfield on the South Ypsilanti road, died of cáncer last Friday, after a long and painful ïllness, aged sixty years. The funeral services were held at four o'clock Saturday afternoon. The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. church in this city has eleoted Mrs. Calkins, president; Mrs. Marble, Bennett and "Worden, vice-presidents; Mrs. Clough, recording secretary; Mrs. Johnson, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. Cramer, treasurer. A. D. Seyler has removed to his new house, córner of Liberty and MaynardJohn K. Kobison, who stood first in his class in the Annapolis .Naval Academy this year, is visiting his grand father, John J. Robison. John, Herman and Reuben Armbruster, Fred Graf and Gottlieb Knapp went to Sandusky, Ohio, Saturday to capture some prizes at a Schutzenbuud in that city. Ralph C. McAllister leaves this week for Manistee where he will enter the law office of McAlvay & Grant. Mr. McAllister has very many friends here who predict a bright future for him. Owing to the severe iliness of his wife, Prof. J. G. Pttengill has been unable to take charge of his classes jn ths high school this week. His place has been ably fllled by his brother, Prof. A. H. Pattengill, oí the Univeraity. John Cushing, wbo lives at V. E. Boyden's near Delhi, while trying to catch a wild mustang pony last Sunday, met with a serious accident. The pony jumped over him, striking his head with its heels and íractunng his skull. The September state erop report shows an estimated average yield wheat in this countyof 16.63bushels pr acre and an estimated total yield of 1,126,683 bushels of wheat in this county .yield a exceeded by no other county in the state, excepting Calhoun. The floating debt of the Washtenaw Couuty Agricultural and Horticultura! Society has all been paid by subscriptious from a number of our citizens. Tuis will enabls the associatiou to devote all their gatereceipts, ifnecessary, to the payment of premiums. E. K. JFrueauff has been feelinj happy since his vioit to the Dundee gas well, in which he holds some stock, last Monday. The drill is not down veiy far yet, but quantiües of gas come from the hole, so gieat that the rurubling noise ït makes can be heard some distance. The univeisity has recelved a live rattlesnake. iive feet two inches long, from Detroit to be mounted for the museum. It attracted quite a crowd at the express office Fiidav night and Saturday morning. It had eight rattles and many people for the first time heard a rattlesnake's rattle. Prof. V alter Miller was married yesterday in Racme, Wisconsin, to Miss Emerson, who graduated iu the literary department here iu 1884. They will go to housekeeping on Ingalls street. Congratulations, which are always in order on such occasions, are particularly appropriate on this occasion. W. M. Brown, of Lima, while returning home from this city last Thursday evening by the Liberty street road lot his {pocket book containing $350 from his pocket. He had juBt sold his wheat and was riding in a cart at the time, the motion ;of which probably caused the loss of the pocketbook. Willard Stearns our nominee for cungress, speaks iu the rink next Tuesday evening. The Cleveland guards will hold a torch light paiade that evening and the demócrata will erect a large hickory pole on Main street. Next Tuesday evening will be tne occasion of a grand democratie rally. The prospects for the county fair are very bright. The cattle and sheep exhibits will probably be largerthan ever. Prof. Samuel Johnson, of the Agricultural College, will be the judge of the cattle. Prof. Baurstates that the fruit exhibit will probably be a fine one, as special pains are being taken to make it such. The school board bas organized by electing Christian Mack president, J. E. Beal secretary and L. Grunertreasurer. The committees appointed were Messrs. Smith, Mack and Jacobs, teachers and text books; Jacobs, Gruner and Scolt, buildings and grounds; Bach, Sheehan and Whedon, ünance; Whedon, Beal and Mack, library. Additional local on fourth page.


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