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Grand Army Encampment

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Colcmbus, O., Supt.. ia.- The influx o Grand Anny veterans and their friends to this city has been something enormous since the first arrivals Sunday. Every train was erowded with old soldiers, their wives anc families and friends, and by Monday nigbt it was estimated that 150,000 strangers were in the city. Notwithstanding this crreat crease of populatian the arrangements have been so well made that there is ampie room for all, and Columbus has done herself proud by the way she has take . care of her guests. G. A. R. posts f r&m every state and territory of the Union are oceupyiug the camps prepared for them, and when notbing else is going on, they put in their time reviving acquaintances made in the dark days of the war, telline their battles over and singing war son:s. Gen. Sherman and Commander Raa arrived Monday, and the veterans went wild over the old leader in the march to the sea, and gave the commander a heárty reception. Governor Foraker, ex-Fresident Hayes, and men wuo wtre at the front durinjj the civil war ware also warinly received. There has probably never heen such a great gathering of those who shouldered muskets batween 1861 and lSftS, and the city is thronged with people. Tuesday the grand parade took place, features of which were the Monitor float Bhowing in miniature the celebrated "Yankee cheese-box" that vanqnished the terrible Merrimao. The Shfrman bummer, with his captured poultry or pig; the tattered old battleflags, and most interesfcing of all the long lines of veterans, many of tbem with empty sleeves or trousers leg, who responded to the cali of '61. It was the grandest pagennt of the kind witnesssd siuce the war, and was reviewed on Broad street near the state house hy Gen. Sherraan and others who made names during the time tbat tried men's sou Is. For five hours the column marched past the reviewing stand, on wbich were., besides Gen. Sherman, Commander Rea and staff, President Hayes, Judge Thurman, Mrsl Logan, Mrs. Garfield. and Governor Foraker and 300 or 400 others of prominence. All of theso were tlie objtcts of great enthusiasm, but Gen. Sberman and Mrs. Logan probably came in for the greatest share of the clieers. The nurauer of men in the parade is escimated bv competent judges to have been not less than 75,000. This was really the opeuing of the encampment, altbough a number of reunions were held Monday, and that day was pretty well fllled up with matters of interest to the boys in blue. The weather has been perfeot. The number of visitors in the city Tuesday is estimated at 250,01)0, half of whom are G A. R. men


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