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"Nasal Volees, Catarrh and False Teeth." A prominent Eujílish woman says the American women all have high, shrill, nasal voices and false teeth. Americana don't like the constant twiiting they get about this nasal twang. and y et it is a fact caused by our dry stimulating atmosphere, and the universal presence of catarrhal difiiculties. But why should so many of our wo men have false teeth? That is more of a poser to the English. It is quite impossible to account for it except on the theory of deranged stomach action caused bv imprudence in eating aud by want of regular exercise. Both conditions are unnatural. Catarrh troubles everywhere prevail and end in cough and consumption, which are promoted bv mal-nutrition aud induced by deranged stomach aetion. The eondition is a modern one, unknown to our ancestors who prevented the catarrh, cold, cough and consumption by abundant and regular use of what is known as Warner's Log Cabin cough and consumptiou remedy and Log Cabin sarsapanlla, two old-fashioued standard remedies handed down f rom our ancestors, and now exclusively putforth under the strongest guarantees of purity and effleacy by the worldfamed makers of Warner's safe cureThese two remedies plenlif ully used as the fall and winter season advance, together with an occasional use of Warner's Log Cabin rose creain, to strengthen and proteet the nasal niembranes, give a positive assurance of freedom, both frorn catarrh and those dreadful and ïf neglected, inevitable eonsequences, pneumonía, lung troubles and consumption, which so generally and fatally pvevail among our people. C-mrade Eli Fisher, of Salem, lleiny Co., Iowa, served tour years in the lata war and contracted a disease called consumption by the doctors. He had frequent hemorrhages. Af ter using Warner's Log Cabin eough and consumption remedy, he says, under a date ot Jan. 19th, 1888: "I do not bleed at the lungs any more, my congh does not botlier me, and I do not have any more smothering spells." Warner's Log Cabin rose cream cured his wife of catarrh and she is "sound and well." Of course we do not like to have our women called nose talkers and false teeth owners, but these conditions can be readily overeóme in the manner indicated. Young man (in periodleal store) - I want a Fireside Companion. Clerk (archly)- How would I do. An Epigrammatic Statement. Is there anything in this world so vile As the pestilent presence of potent bile? We have it, we hate it, we all revile The noxious nausea, as did Carlyle. But why bewail what soon is mended? Take P. P. P., and have it ended. All praise the power of "Pierce's Pellets," Wise people buv and druggists sell it.


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