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False And Foolish

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Jacksonvii.le, Fia., Sept. 2f.._There have been about a dozen deaths in Fernandina during the past two weeks. Stephen A. Sessar, civil engineer, died Sept. lö, of alleged gastric fever. L. B. Aiken, died Sept. 15. T. B. Pryor was said to have died of typhoid fever, and several colored persons, among them S. B. Payne, principal of the colored school. On the 22nd inst. the couaty board of health denounced reports of yellow fever as untrue, Dr. Palmer not agreeing to the statement, but being out-voted ü to 1. The mayor and other prominent officials endorsed the denial. It was only Mouday, wben it was learned that a marine hospital surgeon would inspect the town, that the presence of yellow fever was acknowledged, after being concealed several weeks, but beiug locally known, and many persous having quietly lef t the place. This course is gravely censured. It was an outrage on other towns, like Gainesviüe, which kept up communicatiou with Fernandina on the strength of the official denial that there was no yellow fever there. The official bulletin for Jacksonville for the twenty-four honrg ended at 6 p. m. yesterday is as follows: New cases, 143, of whieh 85 are colored people ; deaths, 4- J. L. Bnrch, Mrs. Hall (colored), OttoTripp, Miss Florence Stowe; Total cases to date, 2.134; total deaths, 22 i . The type of the fever appears to be growing milder, and the death rate continúes low, producing a more hopeful feeling. One death - that of Jonathan Law - is reported from McClenny. The board of health announces that the city is well supplied with physicians and nurses at present. It is requested that before any are engaged to come here the board of health be communicated with as to its needs. The appearance of sporaiiic or imported cases of yellow fever at bigh and healthy points in the interior has added to the alarm in some sections, but is not regarded here as serious.


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