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Shut Out Of North Carolina

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Raleigh, N. C, Sept. 26.- Governor S jales has written the folio wing letter to the president of the board ot health of Jacksonville, Fla. : I am in deep sympathy with your people, struggling with a terrible scourge, and am auxious to aid you in every way possible, consistent with the saf ety of our people. Many towus in the mountains of North Carolina iavited the citizens of Jacksonville, under proper precautiuus and restrictions, to take refuge with them. Tliis arrangement has been managed so loosely and with go little regard to the health interests of those of our people among whom your citizens have taken refuge, that our physicians, many of whora before,in their huuianity, advised such aetion, nonregard any similar colonization of ref ugees in our midst as daugerous, and earnestly advise agaiust it. Thi8 is, therefore. to notify you. and all other persons from iofected yellow fever districts in Florida and elsewhere, that in future such colouization will not be allowed in this state, and every effort will be eiunloved to prevent it.


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