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MACKINAC. Summep Tours. Palac Steamers. Low Batos. Tnr Tripa par Wok Satwara DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLANO t. CUir, eaklud Houw, líanos City. ■rary Wk Dy Betwoen DETROIT AND CLEVELAND BptaUl SuaiUr Tripa durinc Jal y ud iuul, OUR ILLUSTRATEL PAMFHLKTS MxnniM. TiakaU will ba f nralahael by yar TUkal Ageat. or alelwa E. B. WHITCOMB, Gan'l Pw ,.„,, Detroit Cleveland Steam Nav. Oo. DeTBOIT. MICM. FDEP?iö. ♦QCwiwooidwatcü pi wwmmm I'íSÍSiSiV" '■"" l!n" cLIILL I mlmSÈm "ch ■" th f"-u II T 'mKSvL 0. fc 1 libia AEÍrJWffSMrw3lrcPr' WarranttMl. Heavy VSSSHJiStWr !M1uillTltlc.o'iKPERNK Ba VttUUUiliMS SSi PREE. How (B tlilflpoBfliWüT 9v' Nañ T&0T WoanBwer - we want one per., , , ai'füCT on In ccb lorallty, to keop In their homee,nri show to thoM who cali, a comploto line oroar TalaahleanU very nseful I24i iNElloLn BAnPLEM. These well os the watch.we end aftcr yuii have kipt them In yonr home for monthi and Bhown them lo those who may have cal lcd,thy become your own property; It 1 poflslble to luako thln great offer, acndlnp tlio 8OL1U OLI watchand COSTV BampleB froe, aa tlieflhowluKof the BampleB ín any loca] Hy, always reaulta ín a large trade for na; after our BampleB have been In a locality for a montti or two we DBually get from ÏOO to 8SOOO In trade from th ■ arroundlng coantry. Thla, the most wonderful offer ever knowD,1 made In order that onr samples may be placed at onc where they can be en, all over Araerica. Wrlte at once, and make.iure of tbe chance. Beaderitwlll bnhardlyany tronbta for you to show theBamplea to thoBe who may cali at your hom and your reward mil be mout satlsfactory. A postal card on whlch to wrlte us coitB bnt 1 cent and after yon know all. U" yon do not care to go further, why no harm la done. Bnt lf yoa do ■eod your address at once, yon can secure VREE one of th %HLífl"iH'i!?Jn lb worM "■" ''S ' 't"lj" MHPLEK. We pay all axnres frelcht. etc aUdrcii OSO. 8TIH30H CO., Jt?,H, POBiÏIkP, MAlNlt


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