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STEPHEN PRATTS STEA.M B01LMR WORKS (EMablished l8ÓK.) Miimifr of Hij?h amí low Prsure and Steam Heftiinjj Boilers oi all kinds; smok pipes, rtreachinjjs, etc. Old fcoiJers taken Ík exchange for new. RiveU, boiler plates ond boiler tubes íor sale. Cor. Foundrv st , and Mich. Central ft. R. tracks. DETROIT MlCH. "Why you shonl'3 send tis your orders. W handie JBhtU nothinebut BEST ar.d CHOICEST BRANDS; Bk. cUat MMiufarturers' and lmporCers1 Prices; Sfc SüiptONE DAY'SNÜTICE.enablíne flrikB. you to receive goods day ïelUwtcg: aHjSBjhL-'11 der aLL K1NDS Tmportcd fefc?J jpfg 8 B. tf !kiui American 4Bft? HBwrM VW Potibhed Plats, bB Nf. Kout;h and Kibbcd l9 r-nrn'h Wmdüw, HttlA hKBhB can Window, English .-6 az. BküMfflBiM EnaincUed. Cut and Erabosssd. ■■b.H Rollí-.lCaihedral. Venenan. MufGïd, $Bfci Frosicd Bfilicmia. Gcrma Locïciag H[ Gtass PUies, Freoch Mirrr Fltes. 81 Tbe quaJity, vanely ,nd qi;atitY of out stck Is exceeded by no houso in the United Siatcs. WK. REID, 73&75 Larned Street WeM, OETROIT, MICH. F. S.- Write fat Ptices. Ho tsoubk to mswor comf pondence AirN ARBOK SCHOOL 0E njUSIC. Fall term opene September 27. 1888,oOffiee, Ante Koom, llniversity Hall, open three lays preTious for reeistratiou. All departments fully cciuipped. BOA Hl) 01" IXSTKUCTORS: 0K1N CADY, voiee, art of teaching-, chorus Wii, LUUKKEK. violin, viola, ensemble playingF L. YORK, A. M., piano, orfran, hannony. Mits. ANNA E. WARDEN, voice, piano. Miss MAMAN SMITH, piano. MiS8 KLLEN E.(iAKRIGUES, physieal culture Special elass for children iinder Mr. Cady's chargo. Send for further information ür eall at office Uurinjf vacation at 9 to 11 a. m. ORÍN CADY, Acting Director,


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