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No one today is secure frota gossip Whence comes this license? It come3 from the men and women among Mr Me Allistei''s four hundred, whose itch for notoriety impels them to send every bit of tittle tattle concerning the interior of their domestic life to the newspapers for publication It wül hardJy be pretended by any man or any vroman who today complains of the tattling of the newspapers concerning him or her that he or she has not heretofore utilized this very tendeney Run down to Newport next summer. Keep your eye on the correspondents of the great metropolitan journals. See how eagerly they are sought by these four hundred flapdoodJes. Look in their mail box morning after morning. Follow their continua! intercourse with the peopie concerning whom they write, and draw your own conclusión as to the Bource of their information. Why. I distinctly recall in the office of a once leading Sunday newspaper, seeing upon the desk of the society editor, as he was called, a poor devil to whom they paid $4 a week for furnishing froni four to fourteen columns of society rot, a bushel of letters at a time, and every one of them contained either a ticket to some place of entertainment, or a bit of gossip from Mr. Toodles, or Mr. Traddles, concerning a betrothal, a wedding, a social festivity of some soi't or kind, with the ñames of the guests, and quite likely the cost of the whole affair Now who was to blame the $4 a week man or Mr Traddles, who sent the information, inclosing a $5 bilí


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