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Bismarck In A Passion

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When you are on good tenns with Bismorck there is no better companion. Hli originality of thought is only surpassed byhis originality oferpression. Some of hls repartees are characteristic "What do you do," he asked me one day, "when yon are angryí I don 't think you get angry as often as I do." "Bah!" I replied, "I never get angry except at the stupidIty of people, never at their wickedness." "Don't yon find that It is then a great relief to smash somethingT he continued. "It's lncky that you are not In my place, for there would soon not be a whole plec of furniture left in the, house." "Do you see the chamber of the Emperor William?" he added, pointing to the bath chalet at Gastein, where this conversation took place. "I waa in a terrible rage there once. I left the room; in banging the door the key remained in my hand; I went to Lohndorff's and threw it against a washbowl, breaking the bowl into a thousand pieces. 'Are you Ulï' eaid Lehndorff. 'I was.' I reDlied. 'but now I am uerfectlv well!' "


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