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Log Cabin Success

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Wliat ails the young men? Robert Ganett's father left him a fortune of twenty million. He was trom childhood reared in luxury; he received a splendid education with an especial training into the tborough knovvledge of railroad management and was expected to sueceed his fatber as a railroad king. Withiu three years after the responsibilities which bis father's death threw upon him were assumed, he is iepor(.ed a broken down man, with mind ánd health permanently shattered. George Law is another young man left wiih millions of money, who is reported among the "wrecks." His father, bied a stone masón, was of gigantic size and strength, with commensurate brain power, so he became a a gieat contractor, then a railroad king and left a half dozen millions for his son to dissipate. The young man is a success as a dissipator. The fouuders of both of these estates were born in the most hJjmble walks of life, grew strong, mentally and physically, by simple living and honest labor and developed into financial giants. Their sons were reared in the lap of luxury and developed into intellectual pigmies. The great men of our country have not, as a rule, come from the elegant mansions of thecities, butfrom the Log Cabins of the rural districts. Simple ways of living, freedom from dissipation and enervating pleasures. simple remedies for disease, effective and which leave no poison in the system, develop brawny, brainy men, who compel the world to recognize theirstrength and po wer. Tlie wholesome, old-fashioned Log Cabin remedies are the safest and surest for family U8e. Our grandmothers knew how to prepare the teas and syrups of roots, herbs and balsams which drive disease out of the system by after-methods and leave no after ill effects. The most potent of these old time remedies were, after long and searching investigation secured by H. H. Warner of safe cure fame, and arerow put out for the "healing of the iiations" in the Waroer's Log Cabin remedies. Regúlate the regulator with VVarner's Log Cabin sarsaparilla and with pure blood giving health, strength, mental and bodily vigor, you may hope to cope succe8Sfully with the most gigantic financial problems of the age, without wrecking health and manhood.


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