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Harrison And The Irish

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The Catholic News reprints the following article thus commending it to the attentioa oL all loyal Irishmau: VVhen the republic in papers and poli cians attempt to face Mr. William Coa don down in his statement of llarrison's fatal abuse on the Irish, they will fiud they are not brushing aside a lying alle gation by 3ome irrespousible little cam paign prevaricador, but are facing the s jlemn asservation of an old citizen anc influential business man of unblemish ed reputation, and whose word is as good as hisbond. Itcannotbe set aside on the flimsy ground that some othe man fails to recall it. Mr. Wm. Condón, Sr., was seen by a Bulletin reporter and asked as to the statements as to this morning's i'anta graph in reference to his charge agains Harrisou for having slandered the Irish people. Mr. Condón has talked the matter over with gentlemen who also beard Ilarrison's vile speech here at üudley hall, and has come to the conclusión that it was iu the campaiiin o: 1876 and not eight years ago. Air. Condón said: 'Harrison the re publican presitlential candidato, spoke fiere ou an afternoon a few days before the election of 1876, and Colfax spoke in the eveiiing of the same day,I think allhough 1 did not hear Colfax. The abusive words from Ben Harrison carne out in this way: 'llarrison had praised all the nationalities, except the Irish, and was just quitting this feature of his address when an old mau with an Irish accent asked: 'Ilow about the Irish, and where were Meagher, Sheridau, Shields, Mulligan and others'i" The crowd hissed the question andshoutedTuthim out.' While they were taking the old gentleman from the building Harrison said exactly, or almost exactly thefollowiug words: '"It is easv to know that man's race; you all know what they are; if it were ïot for them we would not need half of our peniteutaries which are aimost f uil of them; they have no intelligence; they are ouly good to shovel dirt ana grade railroads, for they receive more than they are worth as they are no acquition 'I have frequently mentioned the anguage to tnauy people, and long be'ore liarrison was prominently men ioued tor the presidency, and therefore '. speak of the matter now for mere poitical effect. 1 was surprised to find my letter in print, indeed In my leter I made merely an incidental reference to the matter, not thinking that or auy'other portion would be copied by the press. I stand by every material statenent I have made. Many of my neigh)ors who did not hear Ilarrison rememberthat at the timeagreatdeal wassaid about his abiuive remaiks, which were nore bitter than anything I have ever ïeard iroaa anyone. I dislike to brin,; my foreign nationality into our Amerian politics in a tree country where we ail are or should be Americans, for American interests only; but ilarrison las provoked tlus matter by his own 'alse and bitter words on the stump. . lave no prejudice against nationalities n the contrary it is a pleasure to re aeniber that all racas have coutribute o the growth and spiender o( our country, and that in the terrible conilic or the maintainance of tlie union th Celt and the brave héroes f rom theüer man falherland fought side by sid with the American bom. 'The false alarm of those who sa the democratie party f a vors a tari: system favorable to England and de trimental to America, should blind n Irish-American to the tact that a rau corous defamer of his race is runnin, against Cleveland, that feailess hones man whose principies are calculate'1 t give cheap food and clothing to th poor, and to preserve the blessings ol this government Eor Americans yet un born. .Like everv individual, ever race has virtues as vvell as faults an theieíore, I protest against Harrison' sweeping villification of the Irish people who usually come here to obey the law and help develope the mental ani physi cal capacities of ourcommon country. "The Pantagraph talks aboutproduc iug an aüidavit thac Harrison did no makethe abusiveremarks. Wll ther will be a number of counter affldavit from Irish-Americans. It is hard to prove a negative, but we can prove i


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