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Our Cadillac Visitors

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News was received in this city ,Tuesday, that the city authorities and business men of Cadillac would arrive in this city Wednesday evening. Arrangements for their reception were at once commenced. They arrived on time thirty-three strong, instead of forty-five as telegraphed anead by the authorities, They were escorted to the various hotels by a committee appointed to await upon them and notifled that at half-past eight carriages would be in awaiting to show them the city and that afterwards time would be given them to see the University. They had a long railroad ride and the local committee thought it best not to keep them up by a reception , especially as the shortness of time precluded adequate preparations. Ouv visitors were up bright and early and created a favorable impression of Cadillac. Most of the gentlemen were accompanied by their wives and several fair daughters were along. At half past eisht, the carriages were in waiting, and quite an extended drive was taken í through the residence portion of the i city, showing the different churchesi society buildings, handsomehouses, the Michigan Central depot and a few of the beautiful views for which Aun Arbor is noted. In each carriage was placed one of our citizens to cali attention to the varióos objects of interest, ïhe visitors were all apparently wellpleased with our beautiful city, greatly admiring theshade trees wiiicli line our streets and the private residences, of which Anu Arbor now has so many pretty ones. The stone buildings were also duly appreciated. At the Umversity, Prof. Pettee took charge of the party which first looked at the auditorium in the main hall. Tliey theu went to the library building, looked through the reading room, and through the vaults, where the booKs were stored, into the seminary rooms and took a hurried glimpse at the Rogers statuary in the art gallery, not forgetting to make the round of the whispering gallery. Much curiosity being expressed eoncerning the Chinese 1 lection, the museum was next visited and few mo jients spent in looking over the museum. Only a hurried glance could be taken, ruerely enough to give theni a taste of the many thiugs to be seen there. A visit was then paid to the mechanical laboratory and to the new phyaical laboratory . In these considerable interest was luanifested. Sufficient time was not at the disposal of the committee to make the entire round of the University, or in fact any considerable portion of it. ïhe party was then taken to the hotels for their baggage and to the depot, where the special car provided for them was in waiting. A few stole a minutes time to see the interior of Ilobart Hall or the M: E. church. Tüey left fr Toledo, where a committee of Toledo business men was waitinjr to receive them, banquet them and show them over Toledo. They expected to return co Cadillac to-day. They extended a hearty invitation to our city authorities and business men to visit Cadillac in a body, an occasion, If it should occur, when they wou'd strive to outdo us in hospitality.


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