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The Circuit Court

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The October term of the Circuit Court began Tnesday. The docket was an unusually heavy one but most of the cases svere continued over the term. Judge Kimie answered a supoena of theU. S. circuit court Tuesday and county clerk Howlett opened the court and adjourned it until Wednesday, when the docket was called. Arthur Powers was arraigned for breaking and entering Charles Clark'a dwelling and pleadguilty. He was sentenced to tivo years ïmprisonment in Ionia. This is the prisoner whom Mr. Clark Cüught in the house pinoned with a rope and escorted to the jaü. 8id Swick was arraigned ior larceny from a dwelliug and plead not guilty' Mrs. Mary Whiting was appointed to defend him. Committed to jail in default of 5500 bail. Frank Wilson was arraigned for the same oft'ence, plead not guüty and Charles Kline was appointed to defend him. He couldn:t give the S500 bail. William Ander&on was brought upfor the same offense, plead uot guilty and D. Cramer was appointed to defend him. He also faiied to get the $500 bail. William Cook was arraigned for rape. He gave $300 bonds and the case was continued until the next term of court. In tne foreclosure case of James R. Forbes vs. Fred S. Thompson, et al. a decree for the plaintift' was granted for $697.79. A decree for $1449.29 was granted in the case of John Burg vs. Orson R. Sandford, the property to be sold any time after February 17. In the divorce case of Cooper vs. Cooper tlie order pro confesso, was set aside and the defendant allowed to filo an answer. Heulen A. Raywalt was granted a divorce f rom John T. Raywalt on the ground êf extreme cruel ty. John Eisenberger and JjOuís Eisenberger were admitted to citizenship on Tlnusday and the court adjourned unI til to-morrow at nine o'clock.


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