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The Senatorial Convention

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The democratie senatorial convention met in Milan Tuesday and re-nominated Senator James S. Gorman. Full delegations from both counties were present cogether witli a number of spectators fiom different parts of the I counties. The prevailing sentiment among the delegates seemed to be that this was a yar for making democratie gains, that the national and congressional tickets wóuld inake gains throughout the two counties. The convention was called to order, after the delegates had diminished the hotel larders, by M. J. Lehman, chairman of the senatorial committee,F. J. Swayne, of Ypsilanti, was made temporary chairman and W, T. Solean, of Monroe, was made temporary secretary. The eommittee on credentials named was George Schwab, M. 1'. Sterling and N. Schmid and the eommittee on permanent officers and order of business was C. A. Golden, B. F. Watts and S. P. Jack sou. After a recess the eommittee on credentials reported the following delegates present. Washtenaw- F. A. llowlett. X. E. Suttou, M. Brenner, E.1Í. Norris, Geo. B. Greening, Geo. Schwab, E. Donnegan.L. J. Leisimer, T. I). Kearney, B. F. Watts, M. Duffy, F. J. Swayne, A. Davenport, J. Knapp, Henry Paul, N. Schmid, M. J. Cavanaugh, J. D. .O'Brien. Monroe- S. P. Jackson. W. P, Sterling, C. A. Golden, E. G. J. Lauer, W. H. Gibson, W. B. Haynes. Wm. Lee, George Wakefleld, Luke ' Dunn, H. Banliieman, W. T. Solean. The temooraiy officers were then made permanent and the convention proceeded to an informal ballot, without any nominaüng speeches being made. The two ballots resulted as follows: Ut. 2nd J.s Gorman--. 16 17 D. K. Otimpton 11 111 Blaak 2 3 Total 29 30 On motion of C. A. Golden, seconded by J. D. O'Brien, Senator Gorman was unanimously renorninated. 'The following senatorial eommittee was appointed for the ensuing year, W . T Solean, D.P. McLachliu, C. A. Golden N. Schmid, and E. G. J. Lauer. Senator Gorman was sent for and appeared before the convention makiug a brief and neat speech of acceptance. líe thanked them for the nomination and said that he would try in the future as he had done in the past to represent the interests of the two counties. It is a nomination any man might well feel proud of. This is one of the most important districts in the state. It has within its borders, two of the greatest educational institutions in the country, the pride of Washtenaw and Monroe, it rep-esents the largest agricultural interests, save one, ir the state. He had tried to represent these interests in the senate, and it again elected, as he thought he would be, he would try to represent those interesls, as earnestly and honestly as he ever did before. The remarks were greeted with hearty applause and the convention adjourned with the intention of giving Gorman a rousing majority.


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