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CAUTION Beware of l'raud, as my naiue and Ihe prlca are stamped on the bottoui of all my advertlsed shous bêïore leavlng the faotory, whlch profeet the woarer galas tklgh prlcea and inferior goods. IJ a dealer ollera V. I. ixmglas shoes at a redueed pricu. or says he has theni vrithout my name and prïee stamped on the bottom, put hlra ifown aa a Ii-auil. w7l. douclas i $3 wHObl CF.NTI.KMKN. i The only calf 3 SEAMLKSS '"'...'■"i,0"!11 inslde. IÍO TACKS or WAX THRKAI to 1 hurt the leet. cay as liand-suwed and nILL NwT LOITGI-AS 84 SHOE, the original and only haml-scwed welt $4 hoe. luiuals cusHallroad Men and I.etter Carrier all woartuem. Smootll a Hand-Sewed Mioe. No Tacks m:a.TDOUGl.AS WASHOK is nnexce.led JIAtTS SHOE i-i the best in the world for NTriWuoïfAS'sHOE SS BOYS L8fias6riw8 ïoüth's schooi Shoe pives the sniall Boys a chance to wear tl liest shoes in the world. ' All made In Congress, Button and LAoe. M not old byyour dealer, wrlte W. I.. DOUGLASt BKOCKTON, MASS. FOK SALE BT WILLIAM RHEINHARDT & CO O The BUYEBS' GUIDE is issued March and Sept., each year. It is an enoyolopedia of useful iníormation lor all who purchase the luxuries or the necessities of lile. "We can olothe you and furniah you with all the neoessary and unnecessaiy appliances to ride.walk, dance, sleep, eat, fish, hunt, work, go to church, or stay at home, and in various sizes, Btyles and quantities. Just figure out what is required to do all these things COMFORTABLY and you can make a fair estímate of trie valué of the BUYERS' GUIDE, which will be sent upon receipt of 10 cents to pay postage, MONTGOMERYWARD & CO. 111-114 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 111 gj-Tfc Patests obtatned in TT. S. jÉWf7Tiyijh. aud all foreign couutries iffijI7V Kxaminationa made. IA jfíhK5 IBwv. censos anl assignnoents TSyffKJ (1 rftff n. Infringenienta TRE CREAU OF ALL B00K8 OF ADVENTURE Condnied luto One Volume. PIONEER!. .DARING HER0E5!All(1DEED5. The tïrillimt UTentures of al! the hero cxplorere (i ïüer Sghteniritb Udiuns, ouüw aud wild keistb, ovtr our whol countay, ftom the earücet time t th present. Umi cd tamous exploit of DeStx, LaSall., Stdih, Baic, KentCu.ter?CiifOrnia J.i, Wild BUI, Banal. Bill, eral Mü. nd Crook, enxi ladiai Cbi!i iWjl with 18 í engraviagi. AUN1S WASTED. lw-pricJ,iidkoataytliit t 11. Tta.i.r nyieiiu)lwei ejtukirt f fiiui. I. CAMMKlLCO., St. 1-0U1S, MO.


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