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"Try Ayer's Pilis" Tor Rheumatism, Neuralgia, and Gout. Bteplien Lansing, of Yonker.s, N. Y., #ays : " Reconnhentled as a cure for lironic Costiveness, Ayer's Pilis have relieved me irom that trouble and also trom Gout. If every victiin of tliis disease would heed only three words of mine, I could banisli Gout from the land. These words would be - 'Try Ayer's Kills.' " "Ky the use of Ayer's Pilis alone. I iired niyself permanently of rhemuatiem which had troubled me several months. These Pilis are at once hariuless and effectual, and, I believe, would prove a specific in all cases of incipieut Rheumatism. ïo medicine could have served me in fcetter stead." - C. C. Rock, Corner, Avoyelles Parish, La. C. F. Hopking, Nevada City, writes : " I have sed Ayer's Pilis fbr sixteen years, and I think they are the best Pilis in the world. We keep a box of them jn the house all the time. Tliey have #ured me of sick heatlache and neuralgia Since taking Ayer's Pilis, I have been iree from these coinplaints." "I Have derived great benefit, frojn Ayer's Pilis. Five years ago I was taken so ill witli rheumatism that I was Hiiable to do any work. I took three fcoxes of Ayer's Pilis and was entireíy cnred. Since that time I am never without a box of these pills." - Peter Christensen, Sherwood, Wis. Ayer's Cathartic Pilis, PREPAKED BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. Bold by all Dealers in Medicine. plRE INSURANCE. CHRISTIAÑ MACS, AfBt for ih followinir Flnf OlawComiK wprmntlng OTtr twentr-tiht Hillioo Dolían AmosH, ihuii pclieiea at the lowet ratei jük of Hartford $9,192,644.0 Fianklin of Phila 3,118,713,0 Germanist of N. Y 2,700,729.W American of N.Y. 4,065,968.80 liOndon Assurance, Lond'n 1,416,788.96 Michigan F. & AI., Detreit 287,608.9 N. Y. ünderwriters, N. Y. 2,596,679.60 National, Hartford 1 ,774,505,00 Phenix, N . Y. 3,759,036 f"Special attention given to the insurance J rtutllings, schools, cburehes and public building t on terma oi three and tir yeors. 1ÍO1SÍEY PEE. Yo never can obtain, xcept at fabuleus prices, coffes that will better suit yoor taste than the celebrated Hi! Bee Mes SOLD BY E. WAGTSÍEI{, who is making m m ra ü min. He also has a fine line of Groceries and Provisión, Glassware, Tobacco, etc. The proof of the pudding is the eating, se try bnjing your groceries of WAGItfER, 33 8 Main Street, Ann Arbor. THE AKH AEBOR SAVI1TGS BANK ANN ABBOB. MICHIGAN. Capital paid in $60,00a00 Capital Secoxity - $100,000.00 Transacts a g-eneral business; buys and seMs Exchanges on New YorkDetroit and Chicago sëftfi drafts on all the principal cities of Eu rope; also, sells Passage Tickets to Liverpool, Ixm don and GlasgOTv, via. the Anchor Line of Sttam ships, whose rates are lower than most other firstcki96 lines. This Bank, already a large business, '.nvitt merchants and others to open accounts with ther with the assurance of the most liberal dealing consistent with safe banking. In the Savings Department interest Ís paid semi amnially, on the first days of January and July on all önrrs that were deposited three months previout tothoee days, Üius aftording the pcople ot this citj and county a teríer'v depository for theii funds, together wun t ir return in interest for the samE. Money to Loan on Approved Üecut xties Iirectors- Chnstian Mack, W. W. Wines, W D. Harriman, Daniel Hiscock, Wm. Denbel, and Willard B. Smith. OFFICEBS: CHRISTIAN MACK, W. W. WINES, President. Vice President, CHAS. E. HISCOCK. Cashier. ? 7f U i BOOK AGENTS il Ai ft fl HIGH TEEMS Agenta who hare had fine luccesa ihoald wnte win & lkttkb (na postal cards) asmes of boots, dat, oumber ola in what tiuie,-what tenai reciived (Faix f abtioulabs), nu ebUla from no KXW FL.iN and MTUOED1KÁII B1ÍC0DNT8 tO bitter themeelvea onnew ad fut-MlllnK kook. HKNRY BUCKLIN A CO., ST. 1OÜIS, MO IL=YEAR B00KÜÍ Fnllof Information. Discu&slon or grcat problems, Kvcry rtndeiit and teahir nbould btire it. InstituUoa in iront rnk f CUegea. Taiiioo free. P tut ge of Tear Looit fcar otuu. U B. F1BKL, PEE&IDEST, ALBION, UICH. Agents Wanted i oí tne must complete popular family physician kook ever prodnced. Select nomethiug tuosooquly usïruL, of trub talub, Rnd lales ai alwaya ure and Urge. üNTlltüLT NKW, up to the Tery latest scienee, yet ít. plAin language. A GEBAT NOVKLXY in all it prU and ttiact Instant attentiou. 260 'l'üe most profuselv and beautifully illustraied book of the kind eTer got ud. BE8T OF ALL, it is BY FAB the LOWEöT-PKlCED eTer published- lew Iban halt the cost of any deeent TOlume yet out. Ajfents wbo are tired of straggling witb higtapiloed booki, write for particular of tuis great new depurltjo in bookaeLUng. PLANJCT PUBLISHING CO. SIU3 Pine Btreet, ST. LOUIS, MO. ÏCday's Uut given AgectB vitbout capital. - ) PLACE "Ju The Wt jurj . vtogot a Husmeas iíducation, fiSlsA leaxn Shorthand or BpencerVKdsC&'JI an Pennmanship, is at the DKTKOLT BUSINESS UN1VEKÖ1TY, Detroit, Mieh. EstabUebed 185(1. Elegant catalogue free.


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