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BUYINQ THE BLANKET. Buyer. - I want a ík Horse Blanket. Dealer.- This isn't a Sa Blanket, but SOLD AGAIN The "just asgood" blanket did not last three weeks. ON THE WAR PATH. Give me my money back, or a sk Horse Blanket. 5A Five Mile. Hts Five Mile of Wrp Tïrtkdi, I . 5A Boss Stable. h m _ Btrongest Hort Blanket Hidt. aMIml 5A Electric. Hr M EKyÉi JurttUethlssforOut-DoorUit. A%5A Extra Test. SI Mm wBi aomethlng New, Very StronJ 30 other styles At priees to everybody. Fot sale by all dealers. [CopyTighted iSSB, by Wm. Ayrbs &. Sons.J . "Why you should send u your orders. We lindle ■hg sotbinebitt BEST and CHOICEST IiRANDS; WV Öellat Mnufxctuiers' and Importen' Piices; HÜ Ship t ONE DAY ■S NOTICE, enablii ag KjM you to receivt eoods day following; CtB Bfy viz Tmported PÉ ■ IPt e, RouKh and Ribbed KMI%JP Fi'ti. h Window, HuCkBi HË&H can Window, English atf oz. VAnVW Enametled. Out and Embossed. Wv'H Rol-ü Calhcdral. Venctian. Mufflcd. Él Frosled Bohcmian, Gerroaa Lokinf QlvQl GUsï Plates, French Mitror Plates. M The quality, Yariety and quantity of ur stocï J is excecded y ao house in tb United Sutes. WM. REÍD, 73 4 75 Urned Street West, DETROIT, MICH. F. S.- Wri fot Pnces. No troublt to answer correspondeucc WAUTrn UIU ïo take tne agency of ANTED WAN ourSMes:aize2sxl8rl8 inches; weight 500 lbs.; retail price $35 ; oiher sizes in proportioo. A rare chance and permanent bnsiness. These Safes meet a demand never before supplied by other Safe coinpaniea, as we are not governed by the Safe Pool. Address AL.PINÜ SAFE CO., Cincinnati, Ohlo.


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