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Every house in Saline is occupied. Wanted - A good Dexter correspondent for the Argus. Pickpockets were ihe novelty at the Chelsea fair this year. Walter Nelson, of Salem station, is again a U. S. pensioner. John Cook, of Urania, liad 6,000 bushels of onions this year. Manchester school board receives $165 forforeign tuition this year. Mrs. Nancy Richardson died in Saline, September 30, aged 85 years. Wheat between Clinton and Manchester prom-ses well for next year. The Twentieth Michigan Infantry held their re-union in Ypsilanti yesterday. Mrs. Lydia T. Conde died in York September 29,ged seventy years. The Saline school has 221 scholars enrolied, the Manchester school has 304. The Chelsea Baptist ladies held a harvest festival last night in the town hall. The infant son of E. C. Hinckley, of Milan, died September 26, aged only forty days. The Grass Lake t armers' Club met last Wednesday at the residence of Ammon Lee Mrs. Laura Egbert died in Saline township, September 22, of paralysis, aged 58 years. George Nissle, Manchester's carriage maker, took several premiums at the Brooklyn fair. Nissly shipped a carload of chickens from his poultry farm in Saline to New York city last week. Mis. Marión B. Baxter, of Charlotte, addres-es the W. C. T. U. in Dexter to-morrow and Sunday. Mr. and Mis. L. Salsbury, of York township, cclebrated their golden wedding September 25th. Austin Smith, of Webster, cut his foot seveiely, while chopping wood and won't be out much before election. Rev. Mr. Campbell, of Grand Ledge, has decided not to accept a cali to the Webster Congregational church. Prof. W. H. Brooks and Rev. E. P. Goodrich have been elected trustees of the Ypsilanti presbyterian church. The Dexter Chatauqua circle) which is quite a literary success, met Tuesday evening at Miss Mvrta Baird's. Bets of $100 each on the political result have been made in Chelsea. Some Harrison men will feel sorry in November. Mrs. Gertie F.erguson died in Manchester, September 30, aged 24 years. She leaves a husband and two small children. Rev. Dr. McCorkle, of the Ypsilanti presbyterian church, has tendered hts resignation as pastor to take effect next spring. The inter denominational Sunday school association of this and adjoiníng counties, has been in session at North Lake this week. Last year the Grass Lake farmers imported 30,000 bushels of corn. This year they have raised sufficient to suppiy all local needs. Milan's ball team has defeated the Lenawee county champions, the Wolf Creeks, by 6 to 4 and the Cone Browns by o to 7. Martin Dewey, a prominent farmer of Bridgewater, died Octobor i, aged fifty-four years, of brights disease. The funeral was held last Wednesday. Some Toledo parties are said to be anxious to put $100,000 into the manufnctunng of the purifier invented by N. W. Holt, the Manchester miller. The southern Washtenaw farmers' club met with C. M. Fellows in Sharon Friday. Mr FelJows was not allowed to talk his candidacy to them. The Clinton base ball nine defeatd the Hudson Chafi's at the Adrián fair by scores of 21 to 1 and 13 to 6, and Clinton has not yet gotten over crowinsr over Hudson. Some Ypsilanti republicans could find nothing better to do than totear down a streamer from a hickory pole ín Ypsilanti. That is one of the tactics of a party desperate from impending defeat. John Curry and Lewis Bower went hunting near Iron Creek Sunlay before last and Bower's rifle was accidently discharged, the ball passing through Mr. Cmry's cheek knocking out some teeth. Grand democratie rally and pole raising at Dexter on Wednesday, Oct. iyth, 1888. Speaking afternoon and eveningby Hon. Willard Stearns of Adrián, nominee for congress from the 2d district, Louis C. Boyle of Ann Arbor, and others. A cordial invitación is extended to all to attend the meeting and hear the political issues of the day discussed. J. H. Orno, of Toledo, claims to have made avaluable discovery along the line oí the Ann Arbor road near Milán. Mr. Orno says he has found great quantities of pure raw sienna, trom which the paint of that name is made, and thinks the supply inexhaustible. The specimens he has shovvn are much finer and purer thai that imported trom Italy, and contaii no sand whatever. 'l'he discover} was made alter a fiïe in a field tha had burned the sod off and turnee the clay underneath a deep red which attracted notice and his atten tion to it. Mr. Orno has obtained leaste of all the land in the vicinity, and intends working it for all there is in it. The sienna is only about a toot and a half below the sod, and, as it is directly on the line of the railroad, transportaron is easy. He has had offers hom paint dealers in the east to take all he can handle of it, and, as the supply is so laige and easy ol access, it is probable that the find may prove a mine. - Detroit Evening News