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The speeches by Watterson and Jones, published in Fice Press of Oct. ist. are having a telling effect upon voters in this vicinity. An Adrián delegation was sent to Milan to meet Blaine on the 41I1. While waiting here, Torn Applegate of Adrián was passed off upon Milan innocents as Gen. Alger. All were happy, save Alger, who has not been heard from. The meanest reinark which we have heard from any republican carne from a victim of Blaine's Adnan meeting. He said he believed Mr. Blaine hired a gang of pickpockcts to accompany him to raise campaign funds. Is the man sane? The pine tree state king went through Milan on Thursday theth. A lew citizens went to the depot expecting to see the king. The crowd was so small neither a knight or king were visabte. If he was not disgusted at the crowd the crowd was at him. Our people were surprised this week by the dropping down among us of a representative of a large knitting manufactory in quest of a location. He was well pleaeed wilh the looks ot things and the tone of our citizens on the subject. If he means business he will find the latch string out and agood warm welcome within. Cali again stranger. Rev. Howard, of Milán, a staunch democrat, went over to Adrián to 'hearBlaine. He carried his wallet as customary when attending cratic meetings but now recognises the difference in the crowds. On Thursday he was compelled to contribute $300 to some unknown fund. The eider says he knew better than to be caught in such company before and henee mourns it not. Report says citizen Harmon Allen also contributes $40 to some fund unwillingly, but of course his money will be properly applied and he should be happy. The republican campaign fund must be secured some way and there are no officials to bleed. Congressman Allen spoke here on Saturday evening to a good sized audience composed largely of ladies. He evidently thought that he had convinced some that it was possible to make producís higher by tariff also to make labor hifcher by tariff, then to manufacture other products trom these high priced products by means of higher priced labor yet, and sell the new products at a Iower price. He seemed to have forgotten all about the great labor troubles of the recent past. He talked as if he had never heard of the Quincy troubles or the coal miner's troubles which sene coal to exclusión pnces last winter. Ifhistheory is correct American laboréis must want the world. How does this theory strike the laboring man who drives the street cars af Chicago which carnes the millionaire nabods to their palatal homes but retire in cold huts themselves. Allen's efforts would not bear close scrutiny.


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