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Logr (Jabín Logic. Brawn and brain! The powerful enjine, with its wonderful uropelling power; coupled to the long train full f reighted with the riehest fabrica of the intellectual looms of the centuries- wbat obstacles can stay the progress of this mighty force, when once under full steam aloug life's highway? The American with brawn and brain does not see the necessity for titles of nobility, doos not care for elevation by descent, he can reach up and pluek the stars. But with brawn or brain impaired, a man is badly handicapped in tLe mad race for success which is the marked characteristic of tlie percentage. The phy8ical syatena is a most Intricate piece of machinery. It ought to be kept well regulated, so that it will woik harmoniously in all its parts, then it is capable of an immense anaount of work. It is said that a watch, if expected to keep perfect time, must be wound daily. It viü not keep good time unless it "runs regular." More men break down because they donVruu regular" than for any other reason. It ia ciaimed by pliynicians that few men are killed by hard work. It is to Iheerreguliritie8 of modern social life ma tne mgh death rate is due. Men burn their candle at both ends, then wonder why it burns out so quickly. The main tliing is keeping the hiiman machine in good wurking order is to keep the regulator aü right. "The blood is the lire," and sound health ia ansured so long as the blood üows through the veins a limpid stream of puritv. Regúlate the regulator with Warner 's Log Oabin sarsaparilla, the old fashioned blood puiifyer, prepared af ter the best formula in use by our ancestors in good o Lng Oabin days, and with the vigor of bravvn an1 brxin which must ensue, in jour life's lexicon you wil] find no such word as fail.


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