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Agents Wanted ( or tne must complete popular famlly phyaician book ever prodnced. Seleet oioething t iiobo oauLT UBEÏUL, Of TKl'R YiLUK, Mld UÜSS are alWayn ■ore and larg. KNTIRKLY NEW, p to the rery latent sclenea, j-et ie puin languag. A GREAT NOVELTYin all iU parta and attiacta iustant attention. 2S0 tnifravlnf. The mul profutelT and beautifnllv illaetrated book of the kind erer got up. BKST OF A LL, it II Y FAR the LOWEeT-PKICED eT pablUhed- Ie tkn half the coat of any deoent Tolume yet out. AgeoU who are llred of itrngiling with hlghprioed books , w rite for partioulara of thls % reat new tleparture in bookBellingPLAN ET PUBLISH1NG CO. 203 Pine Street, ST. LOUIS, MO. tOday's tin giren Agenta -without capital. Pnrc .X 6ocioii.iGOI,nwATrna-aai 'PMsV11 B' 8 sr K f" !■ 3e35?i51lC', H wcti In the Troria. ■ I I ■ MrfWhifrétt n fectttme-l lilaila iW? yjBrie?rx-rJ'keeper. Warrfcntcd. Hery fKJ''K1yfB1 ■OnSCSolLd Ool.l HuDtlng Cse. ÏK5B óï'Si'-i. JJ,OTE'een' od mnCDlOcent. Êföirfyiy M vj4"'iiIalleB'D":i!'it8'íi1" &$L'jjl-t'S -".-' HVMT with -worka and cases oí LV ,-''.''' VJI' enialvalne-OXEPERSOSI fcv"- :jjr tii fiacb locallty cnn secare onO V ".",-■■ - ''#S- rRCE' Uow fs thIspo33tbleT 'i,l'.,i ' J u-.. „iij.vor x-.- v. .ut otic 7 -, sX'&r gon In cach locallly, to keepln ( thplr .111 i.Jjo tothoMwhoeoll, complete llnofonr ïi', M. r lüd utv „Tul BULSEBOl.; SANIM.ES. These .mplm weíl tho w.trh.wo end friw Mid aftur o . kepl them In yoar home for 3 n.ontln n.l ■ them to thoMwhom.7 ton caüni.ih-y become yonr ow-., PJJfrtn ""i"...,. v „ct fr.,n. SIOUO toSSOOO I" tralie Irom the ■nrroundlnc ccuotry Tii, fie tnnst vo-nílerful offer ever known iemu'leiii ..r.lerti .i-, oiirsanir'mny be placed tonco h! t"en, all mor Ameno Wrlle Bt once, ana ,akV!lreiftlielnc Bea.ler It wlll bhrtlynv tronbl. for . .ii.n.l.nwUjïmnipleBtotlinaewhomaycallatymirliom ind ïoorreward will w mnffl mitl(rtory. A postal cara on lnrti'owriu -iincnin bat 1 cent H'l Her yon kiU'll,l'yo do not rnre to (!o, wby nolmrni i dooi, But II youdo eend voor adoro at once, yon can securo FKEl oi.o of tu be.t collilKolil watchM In the world and onr larss line of C.U 1 I Y SAMPLES. W pay .11 erpress. fr.lgl.t. etc. GEO. SÏ1KSUN CO., Boi 81, POBTLiKD, MA1KK. tmrUI C 'HEKE COMPEXION POWDÏB UltnL O A Perfect Toilet Poder, dellghtfollT Derfumd and imparu a delicate, velvetj "o oeUtotHSün. EemoraFrectlea, Stmburna ÏÏdlruptio. . Itb. Ski Prlc.. 50 nt. p.r box 3ead Tor iample shade--. Brunette, FlesQ „o' White Adore. 'KS. A U.F.N Hair S tórj, lió Woodwaid ATenue, DETROIT , JBCH. -j,. Patents obtaised in TJ. S. V,llil Jhk. mui all fori-igu countries iKAuAy Exarainations m-ade. LiEQ 5sbL censes and a-ssignments TCJWWlf -ak d r a w n. Infrincementa Kjffl 1 1 I ijgÜl prosecuted in tti lTedcrol Uull UüePciven.Uo'modelsrequirea. m! a3t Tho?. S. Speague&Sox, 37 ftfc4p Detroit, Micll TIE CREAM OF ALL BO0K8 O? AD7ENTÜK& Condensad Into One Volume. PIONEER). , DARING . HEROESAndDEEDS. The thrllling adrentures of ali the hero explorers and frontier Sghterswith lmüans, ouüaws and wild beats, over Bur irhole oountty, from the earliest time to the present. Livea and famous exploitsof DeSoto, I,a6all, Standisb, Boone,K.cntd, Brady, Crockett, Bowie, Houston, Oarson, Custer, California Joe, Wild Hil!, Bórralo Bill, Generáis Mil and Crook, great India Chicfs and scoieaofother. 8PLENDIDLT ILLUSTRATED with e fine engrariiigi. AOKNTS WANTED. Low-priced, and beats anythlng to aell. Timefor payraenta allowed jent short f funda. H. 80AMMELL A CO., St. LOUIS, MO. OMoIMPROVEDCliestersFHfo. jAT WARfiANTEO OHOLERA PROOF. V %ggr3 EXPRESS PPPAtO. Wins Ist L ?r'' PRIZES IN U. S. & FOREION TQ SL L tries 2 WEIGHED 2806 LBS. ; %J 7 SEND FOH DESORIPTION & PRICE OF I JZP %t$L, TMESE FAM0U3 HOQS, AL8O FOWLS Y$r L. B. SILVER CO. CLEVELAND, HBS (Thi? Comsany sold 973 hatl for breeding purposes la 1887. Send for fat;ts and mentioa tïüs paper.) P Tf H BOOK 1GENTS AAI A A HIGH TERMS Ageuts who bare kaá fta lucoets should wnte ain a lkttbb (no postal aards) natnes of books, dat, nuittbar tola in wkat tlms.vhat ternu received (nu. Pabtioulars), and obtaln from no MEW PLN ad ■XTBAOBUIKAKT BUGOtTNTi tO Uotfar taems6lvea onnêw aad fast-iolllng bookb. HSSRY BUCKJLIN CO., ST. l.OÜIS, MO íoL;YEARBOOKií Ful! of nformtOM. Di9cus8in f erMt problems, Eïerr ■tudect and teftrhr should havo it. In&titntion ín IrOQt rcli Qt Colleges. TuUion iree. Postng of Tmt Book foor cenu. 1. S. riSKE, FKES1DENT, ALBION, MICJX. i .PLACE !In Tkj? West Sss-J . ito(ret a Business Education, ï?y1A team Shorthand or Sponcer& (JlCcJJI fan Venumíinphip, is at the DETROIT BUSINESS ÜNIVEKSITY, Detroit, Mieta. Established 1350. Eleifant cátalo f re e. S


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