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CAUTIOIM Beware of Fraud, as my name and the price J-e stamped on the bottom of all my advertlued shoes before leaving the factory, whlch protect the wearers against high Drices and inferior xooii. If a dealer offers W. L. Donglaa shoes at a reduced price, or says he has tnem without my name ad price stamped on the bottom, put umi down as f jH'J ■ F r 3JÍÍ l jHt ' ■'■' ■ 'JSJí W. L. DOUCLÁS 3 curie fob PJ WFiwliiil GENTLEMEN. , T.'ie onli calf 93 SKAMI.K8S Shoe smooth inside. NO TACKS or WAX THKKAD to nurt the feet, easy as hand-sewcd and will NOT KIP. W. t. DOUGI.AS S4 SHOE, the original and only hand-sewed welt $4 slioe. Equals custom-made shoes costing f rom $f to $9. W. L. DODGLAS 3.B0 PÓLICE SHOK. Railroad Meu aud Letter Carriers all wear them. Kmooth lnsidc as a Hand-Sewcd Shoe. No Tacki or Wax Thread to hurt the feet. W. L. DOITGI, AS 3.5O SHOE te UBexcelled lor heavy wear. Best Calf Shoe for the price. VT. t.. DOUGLAS 2.25 WORKINGMAN'S SHOE is the best In the world ior rough wear; one pair ought to wear a man a vear. DOUGLAS 2 SHOE TOK BOYS Is the best School Shoc In the world. W. L. DOUGLAS 1.75 ÏOÜTH'S School Shoe giTis the small Boys a chance to wear tl best shoes in the world. AU made in Congress, Button and Lace. If not old byyour dealer, wrlte W. L. !Ol (1I.A8. BBOCKTON. MÁSS. "' FOR SALÍ BT WILLIAM RHEINHARDT & CO O The BUYEBS' GUIDE is issued March and Sept., each year. It is an encyclopedia of useful information for all who purchaae the luxuries or the neoessities of lile. We can clothe you and furnish you with all the necessary and unnecessary appliances to ride, walk, dance, sleep, eat, flsh, hunt, work, go to ohurch, or stay at home, and in various sizes, 8tyle8 and quantities. Just figure out what is required to do all these things COMFORTABLY, and you can make a fair estímate of the value of the BUYEBS' GUIDE, which will be sent upon receipt of 10 cents to pay postage, MONTCOMERY WARD & CO. 111-114 Michigan Avenue, Chicago. 111. ïm Uit Orind Kpida Buiinsi OoUtre md Fretil TmiaiDt Sk. [U-Ul. IMf.) BuftiacM, n.rl-huul TvM-rltimg wirw urubl? uught. 1U4 fr CIlMv Jiral, Aéêê, A. % TAMUtU, Kirw, Mm,


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